Migration Studio

Migration Studio

Tool Features

Click2Cloud Migration Studio is a suite of tailored services for organizations across different verticals looking to migrate application, Database, file and Virtual/Bare metal to cloud with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. User can migrate their workload in fully automated manner with the Drag and Drop feature using minimal clicks.
Migration studio as SAAS offering is one stop shop for all migration needs providing seamless experience with cost effective and reliable tool kit. Technical and feasibility evaluation, Choice of cloud recommendation through extensive cloud comparison report is an add-on value with Migration studio offering.

Drag & Drop Functionality

User can move, copy or migrate data from one cloud to another with drag & drop functionality.

Flexible Scheduling

Migration studio enables users to schedule automatic files transfer from one cloud to another at a regular interval as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Sync Data on Multiple Cloud

User can sync all files or data from one cloud to another, so it can be easy for you to achieve cloud to cloud backup.

Migration Reports

Get a complete migration report that includes mapping of all items and folders from source system to their target location and list of files and folders that could not be migrated.
Migration Studio

Key Features

VM Migration to Cloud (V2C)
Database Migration to Cloud (D2C)
Storage to Cloud (S2C)
Application to Cloud Migration (A2C)
Cloud to Cloud Migration (C2C)

Migration Studio Benefits

There are the obvious and highly touted benefits, such as scalability, reliability, lower costs, improved analytics, and disaster recovery.
Migrates workload from or between any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud-based platforms using Drag & Drop functionality.
Reduce operational costs.
Easy-to-use console.
Scalable continuous replication with minimal performance or bandwidth impact.
Offers freedom from lock-in to any specific hypervisor, cloud vendor or hardware.
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