Multicloud Management Platform - Cloud Brain (“Manage your multi cloud spends using Cloud Brain” )

Click2Cloud delivers a comprehensive multi-cloud management platform CLOUD BRAIN that can provides a unified interface through which administrators and users can easily view and control multi cloud environment from a single interface.

Cloud Brain makes it easy for organizations by enabling secure access to your clouds and cloud resources, offers optimal toolset for your cloud migration needs, accelerating resource provisioning, providing tools for tracking usage and costs, optimizing cloud usage, offering automation using custom built templates, and comparing different services across leading cloud providers. So, you can accelerate your business models with confidence.

Key Features

Cloud Intel

Get the guided approach for opting the right cloud service provider to meet the specified demands, compliance and other unique deployment needs.

Chargeback and Audit

Chargeback provides the visibility to the administrator and the senior management to keep a track of multi cloud spends and monitor the accountable charges via audit.


Automate your operations using a custom-built template for infrastructure creation with greater efficiency and accuracy.


Control your cloud spends by optimizing the utilization patterns of your cloud services in order to identify excess or shortcomings in service allotments.


Migration helps you to simplify, expedite large-scale migration of business elements across multiple clouds using drag & drop with minimal risk and near-zero downtime.


Monitor the status of your Cloud workloads to ensure the operational workflow and processes within a cloud-based IT infrastructure running on multiple Clouds in a single platform.


Compare feature evaluates and match different parameters as; services, cost, geographically located data centers, automation services across leading cloud providers within seconds.


  •  Offers more choices
  •  Billing and Provisioning
  •  Performance analysis
  •  Application Containerization and Cluster management
  •  Cost performance optimization
  •  Simplify cloud complexities
  •  Ensure security and compliance

Project Delivered


Multi-cloud management platform


Multi-cloud management platform

T Mobile

Assesment using AI/ML, Chargeback model, Optimization, Billing


Multi-cloud management platform


Multi-cloud management platform


Multi-cloud management platform

Dimention Healthcare

Multi-cloud management platform


Multi-cloud management platform

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