openGauss Database Key Features

High Performance

Performance up to 1.5 million tpmC on the Kunpeng architecture; concurrency control technology-oriented to the multicore architecture; NUMA-Aware storage engine; SQL-Bypass intelligent routing execution technology; Memory engine for real-time high-performance scenarios.

High Security

RTO less than 10s, ensuring service continuity; Refined security management: fine-grained access control and multi-dimensional audit; all-round data protection: encrypted data storage, transmission, and export.

Easy O&M

Intelligent parameter optimization: combined with deep reinforcement learning and heuristic algorithm to realize automatic parameter recommendation; slow SQL diagnosis and multi-dimensional performance self-monitoring view, allowing users to learn about system performance in real-time; online self-learning SQL time prediction for quick locating and tuning.

Full Openness

Mulan PSL v2, allowing for free code modification, use, and reference; fully open database kernel capabilities, joint developers and partners to build tools and other database peripheral capabilities; open partner certification, training system, and university courses.