Open Source

A platform for innovation, open source software is distributed with its source code available for the modification. This platform consists of a license for developers, programmers to make changes in software the way they want. It helps them to fix bugs, improve functionality.

Click2Cloud is also making its presence in the open source community. Click2Cloud collaborate with community through projects under Red Hat OpenShift, OpenStack, SODA Foundation, Manage IQ, Hashicorp, Fedora OS, K8’s, and many other opensource projects.

Working Model

Click2Cloud is working to enhance the opensource projects in different areas like

Technical Blogger
Online Training and Certification
Developer Community Building

Click2Cloud’s contribution to Open Source Community

Red Hat
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Workload Probability
  • Cross-Cloud Orchestration
  • SQL on Linux
  • Running Windows OS in OpenShift platform
  • Multi-cloud management platform
  • VM Provisioning
  • Topology
  • Package, deploy & manage different types of applications
  • Deployment of application management system in Kubernetes
  • Application management using single platform
SODA Foundation & Linux Foundation
  • One-stop-shop storage management platform
  • Adding Alibaba & Huawei cloud storages as backend
  • Deployment of application management system in Kubernetes
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Multi-cloud data control
  • Host based replication
  • Telemetry and anomaly detection
Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Spinnaker, Open stack
  • Automating infra management scripts using Terraform, Ansible and Chef for Alibaba, Huawei, Telefonica, Orange and OTC clouds
  • Configuration management
  • Spinnaker integration for Alibaba & AWS cloud


Reduced costs and Simplified Operations
Improved Interoperability
Direct Access to Customizable Code
Superior Code Quality and Security
Provides Customer feedback

On a global level, members from Click2Cloud

Has participated and worked for open source communities in different countries which includes

  • United States