Codefest2021 after event


A glimpse of after event of Codefest2021 held by Click2Cloud.

Codefest2021- Next-Gen Cloud Platform for Edge, 5G, & AI


We’re honored to invite you to the inaugural 5G, AI, and Cloud Meetup held on 14th of August 2021 at noon, co-organized by Centaurus Cloud under Linux Foundation in Partnership with Click2Cloud Inc. We’re hosting unique keynote sessions, lightning talks, and hands-on code labs on various tech topics. Click the link for free registration and be a part of our open source tech community.

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Application and Database Migration using Lift and Shift Approach through CloudsBrain


Migrate your application and database using lift and shift approach through CloudsBrain to have same replica of your applications and databases without any modification.

Click2Cloud and Sony ODA Partnership


Click2Cloud partnership with SONY to support optical disc archive for cold storage is a fast high-capacity optical disc technology offers a several advantages over tape and other long-term cold storage file system.

Migrate your data from AWS to Alibaba cloud via CloudsBrain


Migrate your data from AWS cloud to Alibaba Cloud via CloudsBrain with just a few simple steps.

Database Studio


The Database Studio by Click2Cloud has made database migration processes more flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. Developed by database and database migration experts, this solution helps easy migration of databases with different sizes, be it few megabytes or several gigabytes.

Application Migration using Lift and Shift Method via CloudsBrain


The lift and shift migration is one approach that can help you transition to the cloud without the need to redesign applications or disrupt workflow operations.

Cloud Billing, Budget Management, and Optimization through Click2Cloud's CloudsBrain


Save your multi-cloud expenditure and have a predictive analysis of your daily, monthly and annual cloud resource usage with Click2Cloud's CloudsBrain Cost Manager module.

Application Migration using Lift and Shift via CloudsBrain


Migrate your application using lift and shift approach through CloudsBrain to avoid re-design applications and disrupt your workflow operations.

CloudsIntel-An Assessment Platform


Discover your IT inventories with CloudsIntel to make informed decisions on your migration activities.

Migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL via CloudsBrain


Migrate your database from Oracle to PostgreSQL through CloudsBrain to cut your license cost, enhance security, database management, and leverage the open source database migration needs.

CloudsBrain Cost Management and Billing


Manage your multi-cloud spends and cut your cloud costs with CloudsBrain cost management and billing. Cost manager helps enterprises to optimize, handle, and manage cloud budget with efficient ways.

Migrate your on-premise database to Azure cloud using CloudsBrain


In this video, you’ll learn about how Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain can seamlessly migrate disparate databases from your on-premise infrastructure to Azure cloud  with few simple steps.

Discover easy open-source database migration with CloudsBrain


Migrate your workload from any opensource database to openGauss via CloudsBrain with few clicks.

Azure Cloud AI Technical Talent Management Platform


Identify and manage your technical talents & their work insights that allows managers to track their talent development journey just in few steps.

Block Storage Management using CloudsBrain


Store data files on storage area networks or at cloud-based storage environments with CloudsBrain block storage.

Object Storage Management


Object storage helps to store a large amount of unstructured data in a highly scalable distinct unit.  CloudsBrain object storage provides seamless migration, monitoring, management, and creation services.

Discover easy assessment and multi-cloud management with Click2Cloud™


Click2Cloud delivers IT industry with innovative solutions and services for assessment, cloud infrastructure automation, multi-cloud management, cost and migration assessment using AI ML technology through its products i.e Cloud Intel and CloudsBrain

Add Alibaba provider and vm creation through CloudsBrain


Add Alibaba cloud provider and other multi-cloud provider and create vm using CloudsBrain.

Cloud Infra Studio


CloudsBrain cloud infra studio is a combination of networks, applications, database, data centers, storage, and so forth. This video will give a quick update on what CloudsBrain infra studio focused on.

Cost Manager


Manage your overall cloud cost spending with CloudsBrain cost studio.



CloudsBrain network module helps user to access the topology of multi-cloud, tenants, network routers, network providers, floating IPs, and subnets.



Create your infrastructure with CloudsBrain orchestration. With orchestration, user can streamline their redundant data and optimize the repeating process.



Manage your storage of data, applications, networks, infra, data center for multi-cloud with CloudsBrain storage module.

Access and Manage your VM through CloudsBrain


This video is a demonstration of how to create, access, and manage your virtual machines through CloudsBrain in just simple steps.



CloudsBrain container is a stop shop solution for developers, engineers, and cloud based organizations to get the software to run reliably. Its an easy approach towards an application, deployment, and development.



CloudsIntel is a useful tool for discovering IT inventory, assessing that inventory and help in decision making for movement to the cloud. CloudsIntel provides various reports that would help the user in making an able judgement for migrating their workload to the cloud.



Migration is one of the features of our product – CloudsBrain. The video shows the best migration approach and how to make migration agile to improve performance and flexibility.

Access and manage your cloud through CloudsBrain


A simple and easy going steps to add multi-cloud providers using CloudsBrain. This video is a complete guidance to access and manage your multi-cloud.

SODA Integration with CloudBrain


We have bundled SODA Foundation with CloudBrain that Solve common end-user pain points, Optimize storage operations and utilization, and data management challenges across the edge to core to cloud. By integrating with SODA Foundation, Click2Cloud able to manage storage efficiently and automatically manages the petabytes of data, that is needed to run your business, so you don't have to agonize for your data storage.

Migration (Cloud-to-Cloud) from OpenStack to OTC for Linux


This video demonstrate how to access and migrate VM from Openstack to OTC for Linux through CloudsBrain.

CloudsBrain is a multi-cloud management platform. Click2Cloud migration is a managed service offering that provide the solutions for various cloud migration needs.

AI-ML for Azure Synapse (MSFT)


Azure synapse Analytics and dynamics 365 customer insight provide its end-users with an end-to-end analytics platform which combines SQL data warehousing, big data analytics, and data integration into a single integrated environment.

.NET Legacy App


Click2Cloud OpenShift Toolkit is a napplication platform that allows users to build, test, deploy and run their applications with automatic scaling.

AWS-to-Alibaba Migration


A solution where users are able to move On-Premise, Datacenter, Bare Metal workload fromAny Source to Alibaba Cloud. With easy migration and less workload, move your infra VMs from AWS to Alibaba in just few simple steps.



Cloud Selection, Migration Solutions, Predictive Analysis, Cost & Budget Management etc..



Customer Advisory Platform(CAP) has four different features- Market Research, Assessment, Cloud Cost Estimation, Migration Plans & Support.



It shows gap analysis report of Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Baidu, Open Stack, Tencent and Huawei cloud.

Cloud Migration


Purpose of this feature is to provide migration facility for cloud to cloud, virtual to cloud, database to cloud, storage to cloud and physical to cloud platform.



Monitoring helps user to monitor cloud cost and consumption of multiple cloud accounts and help user in optimizing cloud by giving recommendation depends on their consumption.



Billing helps you about cost of compute, storage, CostTrend and gives invoice of all services including price, usage, consumption and amount.

Alibaba V2C Migration


Click2Cloud VM migration capability demonstration for Alibaba cloud ECS as a destination cloud and on-premise VHD as a source.

Openshift Plugin


Visual Studio IDE OpenShift Extension to develop (build), run and deploy the containerized apps to multi-cloud.

Day Planner App


Solution for an on-field sales team to plan the schedule effectively, again a cloud based always on portal.

Menu Driven Chef


Click2Cloud menu driven tool to manage the infrastructure automation and deployment to cloud.

First Response Application


Microsoft Azure based smart city initiative project to handle the emergency situations.

Chef Automation


Infra automation capability with Chef a as a Open-source tool.

Docker Plugin


Visual Studio IDE Docker Extension to develop (build), run and deploy the containerized apps to container service.



Infrastructure automation for Microsoft Azure with the help of Terraform as a tool. Terraform is an open-source tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure.



Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform

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