Migration (Cloud-to-Cloud) from OpenStack to OTC for Linux

Migration (Cloud-to-Cloud) from OpenStack to OTC for Linux : <p>This video demonstrate how to access and migrate VM from Openstack to OTC for Linux through CloudsBrain.</p> <p>CloudsBrain is a multi-cloud management platform. Click2Cloud migration is a managed service offering that provide the solutions for various cloud migration needs.</p>

AI-ML for Azure Synapse (MSFT)

AI-ML for Azure Synapse (MSFT) : <p>Azure synapse Analytics and dynamics 365 customer insight provide its end-users with an end-to-end analytics platform which combines SQL data warehousing, big data analytics, and data integration into a single integrated environment.</p>

.NET Legacy App

.NET Legacy App : <p>Click2Cloud OpenShift Toolkit is a napplication platform that allows users to build, test, deploy and run their applications with automatic scaling.</p>

AWS-to-Alibaba Migration

AWS-to-Alibaba Migration : <p>A solution where users are able to move On-Premise, Datacenter, Bare Metal workload fromAny Source to Alibaba Cloud. With easy migration and less workload, move your infra VMs from AWS to Alibaba in just few simple steps.</p>


CloudsBrain : <p>Cloud Selection, Migration Solutions, Predictive Analysis, Cost &amp; Budget Management etc..</p>


CAP : <p>Customer Advisory Platform(CAP) has four different features- Market Research, Assessment, Cloud Cost Estimation, Migration Plans &amp; Support.</p>


Compare : <p>It shows gap analysis report of Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Baidu, Open Stack, Tencent and Huawei cloud.</p>

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration : <p>Purpose of this feature is to provide migration facility for cloud to cloud, virtual to cloud, database to cloud, storage to cloud and physical to cloud platform.</p>


Monitoring : <p>Monitoring helps user to monitor cloud cost and consumption of multiple cloud accounts and help user in optimizing cloud by giving recommendation depends on their consumption.</p>


Billing : <p>Billing helps you about cost of compute, storage, CostTrend and gives invoice of all services including price, usage, consumption and amount.</p>

Alibaba V2C Migration

Alibaba V2C Migration : <p>Click2Cloud VM migration capability demonstration for Alibaba cloud ECS as a destination cloud and on-premise VHD as a source.</p>

Openshift Plugin

Openshift Plugin : <p>Visual Studio IDE OpenShift Extension to develop (build), run and deploy the containerized apps to multi-cloud.</p>

Day Planner App

Day Planner App : <p>Solution for an on-field sales team to plan the schedule effectively, again a cloud based always on portal.</p>

Menu Driven Chef

Menu Driven Chef : <p>Click2Cloud menu driven tool to manage the infrastructure automation and deployment to cloud.</p>

First Response Application

First Response Application : <p>Microsoft Azure based smart city initiative project to handle the emergency situations.</p>

Chef Automation

Chef Automation : <p>Infra automation capability with Chef a as a Open-source tool.</p>

Docker Plugin

Docker Plugin : <p>Visual Studio IDE Docker Extension to develop (build), run and deploy the containerized apps to container service.</p>


Terraform-Azure : <p>Infrastructure automation for Microsoft Azure with the help of Terraform as a tool. Terraform is an open-source tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure.</p>


Spinnaker : <p>Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform</p>