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MSFT Azure Synapse AI ML

Retailers having a massive amount of data which comes through social platforms, data warehouse, etc. To handle such a large amount of data in order to grow a business is a point to note. We at Click2Cloud brings you all with an amazing solution where the power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning combinedly helps to manage your data and enhances your business growth.

.Net Legacy App Modernization

.NET legacy IT modernization app provides a platform where developers need not to rebuild, recode, rewrite, refactor or rehost. It provides a builder image which helps in reducing the efforts and brings it to encapsulation and rebuild only. With Click2Cloud’s .NET legacy app modernization C2C builder image, one can easily deploy the code from any of the repository be it GIT, TFS, IDE or any other to OpenShift in a very simple and easy way.

C2C AWS Alibaba Migration

A solution where are are able to move OnPremise, Datacenter, BareMetal work Load from Any Source to Alibaba Cloud. With easy migration and less workload, move your infra, VMs from AWS to Alibaba in just few simple steps.


Cloud Brain - Cloud Selection, Migration Solutions, Predictive Analysis, Cost & Budget Management etc..


Customer Advisory Platform(CAP) has four different features- Market Research, Assessment, Cloud Cost Estimation, Migration Plans & Support...


It shows gap analysis report of Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Baidu, Open Stack, Tencent and Huawei cloud.

Cloud Migration

Purpose of this feature is to provide migration facility for cloud to cloud, virtual to cloud, database to cloud, storage to cloud and physical to cloud platform.


Monitoring helps user to monitor cloud cost and consumption of multiple cloud accounts and help user in optimizing cloud by giving recommendation depends on their consumption.


Billing helps you about cost of compute, storage, CostTrend and gives invoice of all services including price, usage, consumption and amount.

Alibaba V2C Migration

Click2Cloud VM migration capability demonstration for Alibaba cloud ECS as a destination cloud and on-premise VHD as a source.

Openshift Plugin

Visual Studio IDE OpenShift Extension to develop (build), run and deploy the containerized apps to multi-cloud.

Day Planner App

Solution for an on-field sales team to plan the schedule effectively, again a cloud based always on portal.

Menu Driven Chef

Click2Cloud menu driven tool to manage the infrastructure automation and deployment to cloud.

First Response Application

Microsoft Azure based smart city initiative project to handle the emergency situations.

Chef Automation

Infra automation capability with Chef a as a Open-source tool.

Docker Plugin

Visual Studio IDE Docker Extension to develop (build), run and deploy the containerized apps to container service.


Infrastructure automation for Microsoft Azure with the help of Terraform as a tool. Terraform is an open-source tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure.


Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.