Sustaining the data and its security is as vital as refining our environment. The company’s merchandise security is the most critical factor. Any organization makes sure they deliver their customer with threat-free products.

Click2Cloud™ strides in technology where the threats, bugs, damage of any infrastructure, and its substitute is being taken care of very properly. We provide our customers with reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing products and services.

Our technical experts work 24/7 and deliver fully secure developed products and services.

CloudsBrain provides preeminent with a highly stable, low latency, and high-speed network functionalities that deal with infrastructure maintenance, secure data availability, and secure productivity.

Whenever there is any network failure, or any natural calamity occurs, Click2Cloud’s security helps their customer to provide their data without any failure or loss.

Security Solutions & Best Practices


Secured infrastructure enhances the productivity and development of the products and services.

Data Handling Flexibility

CloudsBrain provides its customer with flexible data by securing the cloud infra during high traffic involvements.

High Availability & Support

Technical experts resolve bugs and threats, provides 24/7 support and always available for customers.

Disaster Recovery

Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain comes with a package of backup and recovery of data if any kind of failure occurs.

Threat Detection

With bugs, threats, the engineering team provides the product bug-free and helps to offer the threat detection option.

Key Feature

Cyber Security & Compliance

Many who have an on-premise data infrastructure are concerned about cybersecurity. The reality is that it's hard to be more secure and in control than housing your data center within your perimeter. Ultimately security on-premise is only as reliable as the security policies put in place and enforced. This policy overhead is not insignificant and can’t be ignored. Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain comes with cybersecurity options that help to deal with such threats.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy describes how we display, collect, search, move, cache, use, user information at Click2Cloud™. Click2Cloud’s team collects personal information when the user voluntarily provides it to them. For example, they collect personal information when user order, register for or request information about products, services or apps, subscribe to marketing communications, request support, complete surveys, provides product feedback, or sign up for Click2Cloud™ events or webinar.