Click2Cloud Services

Click2Cloud provides its customers with amazing services which includes migration,machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc., these services help customers to get detailed information about the cloud era.

Cloud Migration Services

Click2Cloud migration service offer its customers with amazing facilities of migrating their on-prem, data centre, virtual and even infra from one of its source clouds to destination cloud with few clicks. Migration services such as cloud, virtual, database, on-prem, virtual to virtual, infra, physical migration can be done easily.

Opensource Technology Services

Opensource technology of Click2Cloud like OpenSDS, Salt Stack Puppet helps developers and engineers to collaboratively participate in the Opensource technology platform and can share their coding with other users

Cloud Based Custom Services; Power BI, AI, ML, Big Data

Click2Cloud offers you with cloud based custom services in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, big data with Azure Synapse, Huawei, Alibaba cloud providers into retail store management applications. Power BI is helpful to represent data into graphical format. Click2Cloud’s cloud based these custom services not only be helpful in cloud computing era, but also provides services in its various technologies.

Custom Software Development

Click2Cloud’s custom software development services comes in four parts as cloud services, office 365 & SharePoint services, business intelligence, validation services. Cloud services provides SDK development, MSSQL on Linux, Opensource services.

Office 365 & SharePoint services work on website development, office 365, SharePoint online. Business Intelligence provides cloud reporting services, Power BI, SQL server reporting. Validation services for testing, selenium automation, database testing, cloud testing.

Managed Services

Click2Cloud managed services offering work force management (WFM) support, apps, database, VMs, files and container migration. UAT support & services. ISV partner solutions integration, ISV solution support, SI partner solution integration, SI solution support.