Cloud to Cloud Migration–Clouds Brain

02-Nov, 2020 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Migration is one of the features of our product – Clouds Brain. The video shows the best migration approach and how to make migration agile to improve performance and flexibility.

Cloud migration is the process to shift the existing data, applications, and other business elements from data centers or one cloud to other cloud environments for better scaling. Organizations are shifting their businesses on cloud for more speed and agility. Migration to cloud gives the organization limitless computing resources.

Migration of data and application onto the cloud improves the efficiency and scalability of applications. Cyber incidents that can cause loss of data is reduced by migration on cloud. Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain supports leading cloud computing environments like Microsoft Azure Stack, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud Services, ApsaraStack, OpenStack, and Huawei Cloud, etc. These platforms provide a secure cloud computing platform with impeccable performance and flawless experience.


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