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Cloud Intel


CloudsBrain application and infrastructure assessment helps to evaluate the overall infra analysis, security, dependencies, and assessment.

Cloud Intel presents the opportunity to discover and assess the mainframe systems, identify various legacy applications, provide a one-on-one mapping with applications and services available on various cloud platforms and finally provide a migration roadmap. Cloud Intel system can suggest an organization in adopting the SAP on cloud for reaping the rich benefits with respect to cloud usage.

Cloud Intel system can perform a discovery of the SAP environment, do a Gap analysis to inform the customer about the current state of the system and provide a report of the readiness. Based on the current SAP architecture Cloud Intel can provide you with the suggestions regarding the available services on cloud.

Cloud Intel system offer its customer with security assessment where it does analysis and assessment without damage to infrastructure.

Cloud Intel is an insight into the cloud infra vulnerabilities. The CSAT (Cyber Security Assessment Tool) in Cloud Intel provides automated scanning and analysis of data. It also recommends a security plan to improve and maximize data usability.

A physical facility like Data Centre consolidates an organization shared IT infrastructure and operations to store, process and publicize data and applications. It consists of all the inventories and components necessary for running an IT unit such as routers, switches, storage units, firewalls, VMs and application delivery controllers. Data Centre play a vital role to maintain consistency of regular operations as they enclose the most critical data and proprietary assets of any organisation. Cloud Intel is proficient in listing down and managing the data center inventory. Various Data Centre categories supported by Cloud Intel are VMWare, HyperV, Lenovo Xclarity and redfish.

Our Awesome Features

Trusted by more than 1,000 businesses and 140 countries, all of our resources are free

Offer More Choices

Apps and Infra assessment offers multiple choices to their customer such as migration, compute, billing, storage, security, and database.

Cost Performance Optimization

This platform is made up of highly cost-optimized with amazing cost savings and time management functionalities.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Cloud Infra provides you with high security enrich applications.

Simplify Cloud Complexities

Infra assessment solves the complex problems which users face during use.

Performance Analysis

It provides performance analysis based on the analogy of cloud data consumption, services, and functionalities.

Pre-Migration Assessment (CAP)

Pre-migration assessment identifies opportunities to optimize the IT environment.



Start Your Orchestration Journey

Orchestration studio helps you to simplify the cloud resource management and automate cloud resources that can be created, deleted, modified by using simple JSON template. It helps IT teams to manage the complex tasks more easily. User can automatically create and configure all resources for automatic deployment, operation, and maintenance according to JSON template.

What's Inside of The Orchestration?

We are an extension of your customer service team,and all of our resources are free

Multiple container management

It holds the capability of managing multiple containers as a consolidated entity that logically groups the set of containers.

Isolated Environment

CloudsBrain Orchestration Studio provides you with isolated environment for legacy as well as for functional applications.

Infrastructure Creation

Customer can now easily create their own cloud infrastructure with the help of CloudsBrain orchestration studio.

Reduce Redundancy of Data

Orchestration helps in reducing redundancies, repetitive tasks and supports faster deployments in different cloud infrastructures.

Start Your Cloud Migration Journey

Migration studio is a migration service offering, which renders the solution for various cloud migration demands that includes database, infrastructure, file, cloud, datacentre, application, VMs, storage and physical infrastructure migration. CloudsBrain’s migration studio works seamlessly with all the leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Huawei, GCP, OTC, and associated services. It facilitates best migration approach for your enterprise workload to any cloud.

What's Inside of The Migration?

We are an extension of your customer service team,and all of our resources are free

Inventory Generation

Migration studio generates inventory for databases, servers, containers, operating systems, applications, load balancers, etc. Also, it compares the security cost, downtime, performance, and reliability parameters between source and destination cloud.

Financial justification

Migration studio provides Cost estimation reports TCO, ROI, NPV, IRR with 5 years financial justification for source and destination.

Migration Plan and Support

Migration studio helps in preparing a full-fledged migration plan with risk assessment, recommendations, and performance matrix.

Multiple Migration Option

Migration studio permits operational efficiency, reduced infra complexity, improved performance, flexible without risking business disruption, security, and compliance in multi cloud migration environment.

Start Your Cloud Infra Journey

Cloud Infra studio provides you the details of the Infrastructure under various levels....and what all features we have provided in CB.

What's Inside of The Cloud Infra?

We are an extension of your customer service team,and all of our resources are free

Cost optimization

First and foremost, the cloud infra studio greatly reduces the operating expenditure of a company setting up and managing a multi-facet set-up. With cloud infrastructure studio, a company only pays for as-needed managed services.

Agility and flexibility

Mostly cloud infrastructure services are provided as self-managed. This increases the uptime and efficiency of business systems while allowing off-site teams and partners to access shared data on mobile devices irrespective of time and location. This makes a company more business-focused than IT-focused.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Cloud infra studio comes with improved protection against hackers, data breaches and viruses with advanced encryption keys, stronger firewall, and hybrid approach to protect sensitive data /apps in the private and public cloud.

Start Your Cloud Storage Studio Journey

CloudsBrain storage studio offers four types of storage in a single clustered platform such as object, block, cold and hot storage. Click2Cloud™ and SODA Foundation community collaborated to build features like multi-cloud for GCP, CEPH, AWS, S3, Azure, Huawei, Alibaba, IBM, OTC as storage back-end.

It abstracts the storage complexities so that storage from any vendor can be discovered, provisioned, and managed in the same way regardless of the computing environment.

CloudsBrain storage studio is the solution for storage integration challenges, particularly in scale-out cloud-native environments with heterogeneous storage platforms.

What's Inside of The Storage Studio?

We are an extension of your customer service team,and all of our resources are free

Easy Migration

CloudsBrain storage studio offers a seamless object migration across data centres, on-premise, public cloud, private or hybrid cloud with multi-cloud functionalities.

Heterogeneous Storage Support

CloudsBrain storage studio supports heterogeneous platform that includes object storage, on-premise block storage, and cloud volume. Heterogeneous storage helps in reducing reliance on a single vendor that results in increased flexibility, cost-efficiency, adherence to local policies.


Simplify Your Cloud Cost Studio

Cost studio provides multiple reports of cost analysis, actual cost vs budget, resources usage, estimated saving, coupons, discount instances, tax, and actual costs of cloud. We can generate these reports daily or on monthly basis. Cloud cost studio leverage advantage to multi-cloud vendors with cloud cost management of daily usage.

Our Awesome Benefits

Generate Reports

Cloud cost studio generates TCO (total cost of ownership) and other multiple reports monthly and annual basis with simple ease.

Future Predictions of Cost

Cloud cost studio helps in future predictive analysis of cloud spending, allocation of budgets to different departments, forecast spending to avoid too much money spending etc.

Evaluates Cost Before Migration

Cost studio evaluate their multi-cloud spending before opting for migration with graphical representations of storage cost, CPU cost, compares your estimates, and so forth.

Better Performance

Cloud cost studio saves overall infrastructure cost, reduce team efforts, save time, provide discounted instances, better productivity, enhances better performance, and leads to more customer engagements.

Simplify your Monitoring studio

CloudsBrain Monitoring studio present the systematic review of overall data and CPU usage of Cloud environment. It provides a proper analytical representations of cloud data usability, consumption, cost and budget management record.

Our Awesome Benefits

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of cloud’s overall data usage become easy with monitoring studio.

Remote Management

Monitoring studio keeps the record of servers and workstations; hence it gives a complete visibility and remote access to it.

Storage Monitoring

Monitoring studio monitors the storage of data, files, folders, storage resources, virtual machines, servers, database, applications, and networks.

Performance Comparison

Monitoring studio evaluates the performance of cloud services and resources. It provides overall analytical representations of cloud services and resources performance.


CloudsBrain offers you with most enhanced security options where the threats, bugs, breakage of any infrastructure and its backup is being taken care very properly.

Our Awesome Benefits

Cyber Security & Compliance

CloudsBrain establishes risk-based control to protect the integrity, confidentiality accessibility of information stored, processed or transferred.

Privacy Policies

Click2Cloud™ Inc. will collect personal information when you willingly provide it to us. We collect personal information when you order, register, request for support, surveys, feedback, or sign up for a Click2Cloud™ event or webinar.

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