Click2Cloud Security

You cannot simply add a few more controls or point solutions to an existing enterprise security program by integrating cloud. For your culture and cloud security strategy to be fresh, an assessment of your resources and business needs is necessary.Using AI and zero trust principles, Click2Cloud Security works with you to build a modern approach to your security strategy that helps you tackle the challenges of today's uncertain business environment. Our advanced and integrated portfolio of enterprise security products and services protects your business. Using our solutions, your business will be able to analyze inventory, prevent fraud, and protect your data in the cloud.

Security Solutions


Security and Resilience

Assess resilience risk posture and risk management strategy. Improve crisis response capacity and readiness. Establish or enhance a comprehensive enterprise resilience program.


Data Protection

Provide security-rich environments to protect business data and applications. Offering a variety of onsite, offsite, and hybrid cloud-based protection solutions, ensure data and application resilience across the enterprise.


Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

Having an orchestrated resilience approach will reduce the impacts of a cyber disruption. Business-critical applications and data can be quickly, easily, and reliably recovered in minutes and seconds. Secure enterprise applications on multiple clouds.


Data Center Security

Construct a lean, reliable and flexible infrastructure with more secure services by designing and building a cost-effective, optimized data center.


Identify your future state

Establish a cloud security program that enables your business goals by analyzing the future state of your business and risk-based security programs.

Securely migrate to the cloud

Defining your enterprise's cloud security program requires integrating native cloud security controls, implementing secure-by-design methods, and automating security orchestration and monitoring.

Manage continuous threats and ensure resilience

The centralized visibility and control of an enterprise will enable it to monitor and respond to threats - to detect, contain, and respond to incidents across the organization.

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