Migrate seamlessly to any cloud

Consolidate Click2Cloud operations and infrastructure for seamless cloud migration. With an identical computing, networking, storage, and Kubernetes stack, you can run your applications wherever is most convenient, migrate quickly without re-coding, and manage from a single operating layer. By giving developers access to the virtual machine, container, and microservice infrastructure they need, you'll be able to accelerate your application modernization initiatives. Getting on hyperscale cloud providers means you can take advantage of native cloud services that can enhance your apps.Among the leading hyperscale’s, Click2Cloud migration studio works seamlessly with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Huawei, Google Cloud Platform, OTC, OpenStack, Flexible Engine, and more.


  • Eliminates vendor lock-in Eliminates vendor lock-in
  • Enhanced SecurityEnhanced Security
  • Multi-Cloud MigrationMulti-Cloud Migration
  • Multi-Cloud ManagementMulti-Cloud Management
  • better-performanceBetter performance
  • better-performanceAdaptability
  • Integrated ManagementIntegrated Management
  • streamlining-consolidationStreamlining Consolidation
  • Multi-Cloud StrategyMulti-Cloud Strategy
  • Ensuring ComplianceEnsuring Compliance

Clouds Brain Enables you to Execute Migration to Multiple Clouds with its Diverse Scenarios

Cloud to Cloud
Click2Cloud-Cloud to Cloud
Physical to Cloud
Click2Cloud-Physical to Cloud
Virtual to Cloud
Click2Cloud-Virtual to Cloud
Virtual to Virtual
Click2Cloud-Virtual to Virtual
Database to Cloud
Click2Cloud-Database to Cloud
Infra Migration
Click2Cloud-Infra Migration
Storage to Cloud
Click2Cloud-Storage to Cloud
Physical to Virtual
Click2Cloud-Physical to Virtual

Lift and Shift Migration (IaaS Migration)

Taking your workload off-site and moving it to the cloud as-is, without changing it or without substantially changing the application code, is known as Lift and Shift (the IaaS Migration). Comparatively to other migration methods, this method is faster, less labour-intensive, and often costs less. As a result of the Lift and Shift approach, enterprises are able to reduce their costs in a way to begin shifting IT expenditure from CapEx to OpEx, thereby enabling hybrid cloud implementation. This benefit takes advantage of the computing power, storage, and network infrastructure of the cloud, which is more cost-effective and more extensible. Clouds Brain Lift and Shift also provide you with migration plans, infrastructure mapping, assessments, and migration options.

  • click2cloud-cloud-migration-right1-checkFast, cost-effective, minimally disruptive Enhanced performance
  • click2cloud-cloud-migration-right2-checkEnhanced performance
  • click2cloud-cloud-migration-right3-checkSavings on on-premises data
  • click2cloud-cloud-migration-right4-checkAn easy start toward hybrid cloud
  • click2cloud-cloud-migration-right5-checkCost-effectiveness

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