Certain services or features may only be used by creating a dedicated account (with a specified Username and Password). To be eligible to create an account, you must be at least 18 years old and must provide authenticated and accurate information. If you use someone else's identity or try to impersonate someone else, while creating the account, Click2Cloud Inc. may take legal action against you. Please update your account to reflect any changes to your information if they occur.

In some cases, an administrator—like your business or educational institution—may issue you the account. In such cases, additional terms may apply to your use of the Sites. Additionally, your administrator might view, manage, deactivate, delete or perform any other activity on/by your account without Click2Cloud's involvement.

Do not share your account details or login credentials with anyone. Keep your login password confidential and do not use it on any other website. At any moment, if you suspect that your account has been compromised or any unusual activity is experienced by you, please notify the administrator immediately.

Please consider that in case of not having a Success Community account already, if you register for Cloud Intel and log into the Help & Training portal, the AppExchange, Success Community, or Partner Community on the Click2Cloud website, you are subjected to an auto-creation of a Success Community account.

Your personal data including name, company information, photos, etc., collected in the registration process for Cloud Intel or logging into the Help & Training portal, the AppExchange, Success Community, or Partner Community sites may be shared with or used by our group companies or our agents in order to improve the quality of our services. You agree to share your personal information with Click2Cloud for marketing purposes if you request information about Click2Cloud or access its partners’ products or services on the AppExchange. The Success Community is created for Click2Cloud customers, partners, prospects, and attendees of certain events, and is free to join. Participants are subjected to the Success Community Participation Guidelines along with the Event Terms of Service and the Success Community Terms. It is advised to read all the guidelines carefully.

The other members of the Success Community may see your first name and your last name which may be displayed on your Success Community account. The Success Community account created by you may only be used by you, and you should not share the account access or account credentials with anyone else. You solely are responsible for any activity performed in/through your Success Community account along with the confidentiality of the account credentials (Username and Password). Any breach in the privacy policy, any unauthorized use of username and password, or any other unauthorized activity in your Success Community account should immediately be notified to Click2Cloud. Click2Cloud will not be responsible for any consequences of any unauthorized use of your username or password or any unauthorized activity in/by your Success Community account.

You accept and agree that your participation in the success community and other similar forums is not liable to any expectation of privacy. These forums are public spaces and every user is liable to equal security and privacy policies. You also agree that any content/material communicated by you is unrestricted to be visible or used by any member of the community without any exceptions. You acknowledge that Click2Cloud employees, outside contributors, and other users may participate in the community and other aspects of our website with anonymous usernames. Any content or any personal information made publicly available by you in a community or otherwise on or through the sites is your responsibility. Your personal information or any other content made available by you is at your own risk and Click2Cloud is not liable for any activity being performed on this information/content.

Click2Cloud reserves the right to modify or change the site at any time and is not obligated to notify you about changes.

Any use of the website that subjects to any violation of law, assault on anyone’s rights, offensive use, or interference with the site or any feature on the site will not be accepted by Click2Cloud. These actions also include any technological measures Click2Cloud adopts to enforce these Terms.

Any inappropriate action (in the sole discretion of Click2Cloud) listed or otherwise in the Terms and Conditions or anywhere else by you will not be accepted and Click2Cloud reserves the rights to terminate your account, take-down any content provided by you, and prohibit you from the website/features/functionalities, and you may also be subjected to appropriate legal actions.

Sending communications through our site will be perceived as electronic communication. You agree to receive any notifications pertaining to your usage of a site electronically. We may contact you for any query, or concern or for the purpose of providing information, or for any other communication by email or by posting notices on the Site. You hereby agree that the electronic delivery of all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications to you satisfies any legal requirement of written communication/proof of communication. All communications from us that are meant for your attention will be deemed delivered and in force once they are sent to the email address you have given us. Note that you consent to have us or our agents contact you at that address or number in accordance with our Privacy Statement by submitting Content, setting up a user account, or in any other way giving us your email address, postal address, or phone number.

This Site is the sole property of Click2Cloud and is covered by intellectual property rights, comprising, but not restricted to trademarks, copyright, designs, sui generis rights of the database developer, etc.

The contents of this site, which may include words, data, graphics, photographs, sounds, videos, logos, icons, HTML code, or any other material generated, posted, or used in/by this site all subject to intellectual property protection laws and remain the property of Click2Cloud.

According to the guiding principles of intellectual property laws, you may only copy, download, and print this content for personal and non-commercial uses. Any content that has been downloaded, printed off, or copied from the website cannot be changed or modified in any manner. No further use of the Site's material is permitted without previous written consent from Click2Cloud.

If you violate the aforementioned restrictions, you may be held liable on a civil and/or criminal level for participating in unfair trade practices and/or counterfeiting.

We commit to trying our utmost to ensure that you appreciate the services as we provide them with a level of care that is consistent with commercially acceptable standards. However, there are certain things about our services that we can't guarantee

Neither Click2Cloud Inc. nor its agents or service providers (the "services entities") make any particular claims about the sites other than what is specifically stated in these terms of service. For instance, we don't guarantee the sites' dependability, availability, or capability to satisfy your demands, nor do we guarantee the sites' content or their specific purpose. We offer the websites "as is."

Certain warranties, such as the implicit warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement, are provided by some jurisdictions. We exclude all warranties to the fullest extent allowed by law.

The services entities are not responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages resulting from your use of the sites or any other party's use of the sites unless such liability is expressly prohibited. These exclusions cover, without limitation, damages for lost revenue, lost data, computer malfunction, or infringement of your rights by a third party, regardless of whether the service providers were informed of the probability of such events and regardless of the legal or equitable theory upon which the claim is based.

Please check back frequently as we reserve the right to change these Terms at any time. You signify your acceptance of the updated Terms by using or logging onto a Site after they have been modified. You should discontinue using or login into the Sites if you do not agree with the changes.

Links to external websites may be present on the sites. This does not imply that we have any kind of authority over the content of those websites or the products or services offered thereby these websites. The Sites may also include advertisements from outside sources. We have no control over or affiliation with any of the advertised goods.

If you violate these Terms and no immediate action has been taken from us, it doesn't indicate that we approve of what you did or that we are compromising any rights that we may have (such as taking action in the future).

Without respect to US provisions on conflicts of law, the laws of the US shall govern these Terms and their interpretation. You expressly agree that the courts in the US have sole jurisdiction over any claim or dispute arising out of these Terms and/or your use of the Services, and if any such claim or action is brought, you hereby expressly agree to submit to their personal jurisdiction. The enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected if any of these Terms is found to be unenforceable.

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