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Our DevOps consulting services specialize in addressing complex challenges by treating your delivery pipeline as a product. We have a proven track record of working with enterprises and scale-ups, having completed over 150 projects. Our engineers are highly skilled in a range of technologies, including serverless architectures, Kubernetes (K8s) deployments, and on-premises setups. Let us help you optimize and enhance your software delivery processes for maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • Scaling and Maintaining Complex Systems

    We can assist you in integrating data from fragmented systems, refactoring legacy code, and optimizing infrastructure to meet your evolving needs.

  • Cloud Costs Going Out of Control

    On average, companies waste 28% of their cloud budgets. Click2Cloud has saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing best-in-class FinOps practices.

  • Infrastructure Automation Challenges

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can be inefficient when handled by inexperienced teams. Click2Cloud specializes in IaC refactoring and has developed a modular Terraform framework to standardize all DevOps processes.

  • Security and Compliance

    Our DevOps engineers adhere to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and NIST guidelines, ensuring security and HIPAA/GDPR compliance throughout the entire SDLC.

  • Overcoming Resistance and Lack of Collaboration

    Enable seamless collaboration among operations, developers, and testers with the expertise of our DevOps consultants.

Gain immediate access to over 10 years of DevOps consulting and implementation expertise
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Your Trusted DevOps Services Partner

Click2Cloud provides DevOps services and solutions tailored for each individual client to provide fast, reliable, and
cost-effective delivery.

Choose Your DevOps Services Option

As a DevOps service provider, we offer three types of services to fit your individual needs and project requirements

1. DevOps Expert Consulting

Let DevOps consultancy assess the current state of your development and delivery, define the desired state of IT operations and create an implementation roadmap.

2. DevOps Engineering Services

Speed up release and improve product quality, We set up IT infrastructure and run automated CI/CD pipelines, then transfer the operation to you.

Benefits Of Our DevOps Consulting Services

Streamlined Automated
  • Boost team efficiency and minimize errors with end-to-end automated deployment.

Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Improve releases with a continuous feedback loop system that detects & analyzes errors for enhancement.

Optimal DevOps Tooling
  • Click2Cloud ensures you leverage the best tools and platforms that seamlessly integrate, run 24/7, and foster collaboration.

Flexible Continuous
  • Enjoy continuous deployment of new features and bug fixes with the flexibility to release as frequently as desired.

How We Accelerate Software Delivery

click2cloud-assess-optimize click2cloud-assess-optimize
Assess & Optimize

We evaluate your software delivery process, identify bottlenecks, and design an automated pipeline with optimized value streams for faster delivery.

click2cloud-automate click2cloud-automate

Automate the entire application delivery cycle for one-click deployments and rollbacks, mitigating risks and boosting productivity.

click2cloud-agile-release-management click2cloud-agile-release-management
Agile Release Management

Achieve frequent deliveries and responsiveness to changes. Let us manage your software releases and maintain a seamless DevOps engine with a fully integrated CI/CD pipeline.

Why Click2Cloud?

Here's what makes us stand out from other DevOps service providers.
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Where Are You in Your
DevOps Journey?

How do you know if you have successfully taken down the barrier between development and operations? Is your company operating with mature DevOps processes, or are you still facing challenges getting started? Knowing the level of your organization’s DevOps maturity is a necessary step in the process that you will have to take.
Here's the Ultimate Checklist to Assess the Maturity of Your Software Delivery Capability

For Maturity Assessment
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Pre-Qualification Assessment:

  1. 1. What issues do you face with your IT setup, processes, and automation?
  2. 2. What support do you need from the DevOps team?
  3. 3. Is your development time planned or mostly reactive to urgent tasks?
  4. 4. Do you have set response times for IT issues? How critical are your applications?
  5. 5. What's your ideal IT setup and main goal?

DevOps Maturity Index:

For each "yes" answer, assign the corresponding points as follows:

1 point
  • Using the Cl/version control system
  • Conducting peer reviews for
  • Having internal and external monitoring
  • Having a backup and DR strategy, including data
    restoration and DR drills
  • Managing changes to environments effectively
2 points
  • Fully automating infrastructure management
  • Fully automating the application deployment
  • Providing developers with access to the
    production environment
  • Using tracking software for work organization
  • Managing logs from applications
  • Maintaining parity between the development
    and production environments
3 points
  • Having self-healing infrastructure
  • Having immutable infrastructure
  • Undergoing a security audit last year
  • Having smoke tests for services
To calculate the final score, add up all the points earned from "yes" answers across these categories.
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Let us know about your challenges. We'll help you find the solution and assist with DevOps implementation.

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