Open 5G Cloud

Click2Cloud’s Open 5G is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), featuring software-based cloud infrastructure that is built to manage the public and private cloud. In a world of virtualized, distributed cloud networks and intelligent connectivity, Open 5G Cloud Platform helps to accelerate the 5G journey. The platform enables collaboration across multiple domains and environments with a wide range of innovation partners.

The Open 5G Cloud Platform powered by Click2Cloud is based on a scalable architecture composed of API servers, storage, controllers, and a data plane, with a comprehensive ecosystem of integrations with partner technologies.

It is the solution to address key cloud issues, including system scalability, resource efficiency, multitenancy, edge computing, and native support for modern workloads such as containers and serverless functions.

In the current state of things, Open 5G is a viable solution for data-driven operations. The interconnectivity of the cloud enables a thorough approach to data capture and analysis. The introduction of Open 5G Cloud Platform provides improved efficiency that enables better business operations.

Adoption of Click2Cloud’s Open 5G Cloud Platform helps you to accelerate and simplify your 5G and future network journey.

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Open 5G Use Cases

Smart Agriculture

Sensor based plants monitoring, automated farming Operations, robot farming.

Smart Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring, Disease diagnosis etc.

Smart Cities

Smart traffic monitoring, surveillance, smart buildings, waste management

Smart Digital Signage

Personalize advertisement, smart contents

Smart Manufacturing

Automated welding, goods arrangement, automated assembling


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