Cloud Intel

In order to assist you in the movement of your workloads to the cloud, Cloud Intel, an assessment tool that identifies your IT inventory and evaluates it for you. For the purpose of generating an assessment report on cloud readiness, you can use different discovery programs. It consists of discovering and assessing virtual machines, physical servers, applications, and databases.

Cloud Intel provides usage parameters that provide the right size information for each machine and makes it possible to provide an optimized service on the cloud, saving both on expenditures and on resources.

What We Discover ?

On-Prem Discovery | Cloud Service Discovery


Application discovery, a service from Cloud Intel, assists you in planning your migration to the cloud by capturing usage and configuration data about your on-premise servers. By aggregating all of your migration status information into one single interface, Application Discovery Service makes tracking your migrations easier. The servers can be viewed, grouped into applications, and then migration status can be tracked for each application.

With Cloud Intel's comprehensive Database Discovery, we examine your entire data landscape, including relational, unstructured, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL servers, and NoSQL databases, in order to predictably migrate your data to the cloud. It helps in discovering and analyzing existing databases and applications. We provide recommendations regarding lift-and-shift migration, modernizing your infrastructure to cloud-native solutions, and decommissioning from your environment, if appropriate. Based on your needs and requirements, we will optimize operational targets based on existing data centers, IT maintenance, and delivery models. Proposals for a migration project plan and an estimation of engineering resources and costs.

Software licenses are determined based on multiple criteria by an organization. There are a lot of factors to consider when considering desktop software, such as the number of licenses required, the contract terms, and the hardware required. Furthermore, when licensing server-hosted software, a company can choose licensing based on the hardware requirements, such as virtual or non-virtual systems, applications hosted, etc. Using Cloud Intel, you can perform a discovery analysis of your licensing costs and receive streamlined reports.

Cloud Intel provides a service that identifies cost-saving, recommendations for capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx). CapEx covers the costs of maintaining physical assets, such as technology, servers, network storage and backup devices, property, software licenses, and power backups. On the other hand, OpEx assists you in incurring costs related to your production goods and services. It covers a wide range of costs, such as maintenance and support, packaging, power and cooling, administration, and so on.

Cloud Intel's security assessment services identify, assess, and implement key security controls in applications. In addition, they prevent application security vulnerabilities and defects. End point management, consulting, threat monitoring, and cyber security are all protected. It enables managers to make informed decisions about the allocation of resources, tooling, and the application of security controls. As a result, Cloud Intel oversees security assessment as part of an organization's risk management process.

In addition to managing cloud spend, Cloud Intel's cloud optimization helps to improve visibility, performance, and alignment of costs and value. Utilizing cloud optimization reduces the amount of resources that you waste on specific features of the cloud. As a result of optimization, cloud costs can be reduced, engineers' productivity can be boosted, and operations can be relocated from on-premise architecture to cloud environment.

Cloud Intel discovers the mainframe components, such as applications, transaction managers, management tools, databases, batch environments, and so on, and provides suggestions and TCO (total cost of ownership) for corresponding components on cloud.

Cloud Intel can perform a discovery of the SAP environment, perform Gap Analysis to provide customer with information about the current state of SAP system and provide a report on its readiness. Based on the current SAP architecture, Cloud Intel can provide you with suggestions about the available services in the cloud, based on the SAP architecture.

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