Cost Manager

Cost Manager powered by Click2Cloud®, supports multidimensional analysis of costs and data usage, allowing the creation of custom filters and expressions to answer consumption related questions. Essentially, it’s a place where you can consolidate information about your cloud costs.

Its visual representation gives you a detailed breakdown of how much you spent on your cloud. Cost Manager leverage you with budget and resource management, cost analysis, prediction, and right sizing. Monitoring helps in cost savings and budget management. It tracks a record for overall CPU usage, total network usage in order to do right size of cloud costs.

  • click2cloud-cloud-cost-manager-right-checkGet a better understanding of your current and future cloud costs.
  • click2cloud-cloud-cost-manager-right-checkManage costs across your organization in a transparent manner.
  • click2cloud-cloud-cost-manager-right-checkGet a strong policies and permissions for financial management that will help you minimize costs.
  • click2cloud-cloud-cost-manager-right-checkSmart recommendations for optimizing your cloud costs and usage.

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Key Features of Cost Manager


Setting budgets and forecasting IT spend is a well-established practice. Yet when it comes to the cloud, it’s not so simple. Your organization's financial reporting structure can be defined in Cost Manager by defining a set of accounts and services that align with it. Monthly analysis gives you a comprehensive picture of what is happening right now in relation to your budget and previous months' trends.

Cost Analysis

With Cost Analysis, you can optimize your cloud Infrastructure spending by tracking and visualizing it. A number of charts and tabular reports, multidimensional analysis, cost trend reports, and predictive analysis about your Cloud Infrastructure consumption can be generated using Cost Analysis. You can create customized filters and expressions that allow you to answer consumption-related questions for your cloud resources.

Resource Management

It tags the cloud resources under created organization and department to track the cloud cost consumption. Resource management also helps to categorize the resources under created organization and department. It manages your cloud infra resources that leverage you with flexible, reliable, and smooth cloud savings.


Increase cloud pricing can be frustrating at some level. Every single service is charged differently. It may not be clear until you get your bill and realize you forgot to turn off an instance that is eating away at your wallet that some prices are clearly stated, but others are hidden behind paywalls. Keeping track of cloud costs results into full time job. Prediction analysis helps you to figure out your cloud bills. With prediction, you can forecast and predict your daily, monthly, and yearly cost estimates that results into saving your time and spends.

Right Sizing

Right Sizing is the process of matching cloud workloads to underlying infrastructure in a way that minimizes waste. Workloads are typically launched with a set of performance assumptions; by looking at the data as it runs, you can see if those assumptions were valid. We have launched a new way to look at right sizing with analytics that provide several actionable options for each resource, with a clear risk profile attached to each option. Rather than a service that gives you a singular blind recommendation, Right Sizing provides deep predictive analysis of workload patterns, delivering enterprises the insights to optimally leverage cloud resources by reducing operational risks and costs.