Cloud Intel

Cloud Intel is an assessment tool that identifies your IT inventory and evaluates it, to make decisions on the movement of your workloads to the cloud. There are different discovery programs running on the user’s IT infrastructure to generate an assessment report on cloud readiness for the user. These discovery and assessment are performed specifically on virtual machines, physical servers, applications and databases; corresponding to each category a detailed report is generated focussing on the following factors:

  • List of all the virtual machines and physical machines.
  • Operating systems of each machine.
  • List of the configuration parameters of each machine such as CPU, RAM, Storage.
  • Identification of the utilization parameters like CPU utilization, disk utilization, Memory utilization, Network Input/Output etc.

Based on the above parameters, Cloud Intel enables you to identify the readiness of your machines for any selected cloud via readiness report with respect to the available cloud. Cloud Intel also provides utilization parameters that give right sizing information for each machine and thus makes it convenient for an optimized solution on the cloud which saves on user’s expenditure too.

Following are the facilities that come bundled with Cloud Intel

Apps & Infra

CloudIntel can do an assessment of the various resources present in the user's cloud infrastructure. It provides details of cloud resources like compute, storage and network in comparison with various other cloud providers. This helps the user to select the preferred cloud and make the right decision in minutes.


CloudIntel discovers the mainframe components like Apps, Transaction Manager, Management tools, Databases, Batch environment etc and provides suggestions and TCO (total cost of ownership) for corresponding components on Cloud.

SAP On Cloud

Cloud Intel system can perform a discovery of the SAP environment, do a Gap analysis to inform the customer about the current state of the system and provide a report of the readiness. Based on the current SAP architecture Cloud Intel can provide you with the suggestions regarding the available services on the cloud.


A physical facility like data centre consolidates an organization shared IT infrastructure and operations to store, process and publicize data and applications. It consists of all the inventories and components necessary for running an IT unit such as routers, switches, storage units, firewalls, VMs and application delivery controllers. User can select the source as datacenter where he wishes to do the discovery & assessment. CloudIntel provides the list of Inventory, identifies the Infra, DB and Apps in tabular reports and provides suggestions for the appropriate workload on destination Cloud.