Cloud Infra Studio

Cloud infra studio is a consolidated collection of physical and virtual elements required to enable cloud computing operations. It includes computing power, networking, and storage, as well as an interface for users to access their virtualized resources. The virtual resources such as providers, cluster, hosts, virtual machines, resource pools, data store, a PXE server, networking and topology mirror a physical infrastructure with components like chassis, racks, servers, network switches, gateways, memory and storage clusters. It provides you with the details of the Infrastructure under various levels. Cloud infra studio helps you create and manage your resources/infrastructure.

Some of the virtual cloud infra resources and their functions are listed below

  • right-checkProviders: Different cloud providers are managed/added here.
  • right-checkInstances: All cloud providers instance are managed here.
  • right-checkKey pairs: Key pair for instances are listed here.
  • right-checkTopology: It is a graphical representation of all the resources.
  • right-checkProvider: It manages On-Prem Infrastructures.
  • right-checkClusters: It is a group of managed environment/instances.
  • right-checkHosts: It manages the virtual machines in infra.
  • right-check Virtual Machines: It manages its resources.
  • right-checkResource Pool: Resource pools are used to allocate CPU and memory across a group of virtual machines.
  • right-checkData Store: A Data Store is considered as a device where digital information is saved and connected to a resource. They are created automatically in two ways,

    1. After creation of the repository

    2. Data Stores connected to the provider are automatically created on the discovery ManageIQ keeps the record of both VMFS and NFS datastores after it detects, analyses, and collects data capacity and utilization of the storage device.

  • right-checkPXE Servers: PXE servers consists of images for the different OS that can be customized using customization templates and are used in conjunction with IPMI Servers. These servers are used by ManageIQ to bootstrap virtual machines for provisioning.
  • right-checkNetworking: It consists of vSphere distributed switches, where ManageIQ automatically discovers all vSphere distributed switches (vDS) from added infrastructure provider to collect all the information from ManageIQ inventory.


Cost Optimization

First and foremost, the cloud infra studio greatly reduces the operating expenditure of a company setting up and managing a multi-facet set-up. With cloud infrastructure studio, a company only pays for as-needed managed services.

Agility and Flexibility

Mostly cloud infrastructure services are provided as self-managed. This increases the uptime and efficiency of business systems while allowing off-site teams and partners to access shared data on mobile devices irrespective of time and location. This makes a company more business-focused than IT-focused.

Ensure Security and Compliance

cloud infra studio comes with improved protection against hackers, data breaches and viruses with advanced encryption keys, stronger firewall, and hybrid approach to protect sensitive data /apps in the private and public cloud.

Orchestration Studio

Orchestration Studio

Orchestration refers to automated classification, coordination, and supervision of intricate computer systems, and services.

Orchestration service helps customer to simplify the cloud resource management and automate cloud resources that can be created, deleted, modified by using simple JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) template. It helps IT teams to manage the complex tasks more easily.

With the help of Clouds Brain orchestration feature of cloud infra studio user can also generate the cloud topology.

User can automatically create and configure all resources for automatic deployment, operation, and maintenance according to JSON template.

An orchestration template is a text file in JSON format that user can read and edit at any time. User can compile template in JSON directly.All the activities related to orchestration are taken care in cloud infra studio.



  • effective-visibility Effective visibility and control for complex computer services
  • simplify-deployment Simplify deployment and management
  • automate-provisioning Automate provisioning
  • cost-savings Cost savings
  • simplified-optimization Simplified optimization

Key Feature

Multiple Container Management

Clouds Brain orchestration module benefits enterprises to manage the complex multi-tier application as a group of smaller entity working seamlessly together. It holds the capability of managing multiple containers as one entity that logically groups the set of containers. User can manage nodes, deployments, and other resources of container. Container orchestration helps software organizations to build, ship, and maintain applications.

Isolated Environment

Clouds Brain orchestration feature provides its customer with isolated environment for legacy as well as for functional applications. Clusters can containerize the application, by providing just the git source repository, and using Click2Cloud builder images for Python, Perl, Ruby, Node JS, .NET Core 2.0, Legacy .NET, and much more.

Infrastructure Creation

Customer can now easily create its own cloud infrastructure with the help of Clouds Brain orchestration. Creating infrastructure with details like name, cloud type, account type, region, topology, user can easily create the infrastructure of added cloud provider by simple clicks. Clouds Brain offers multi-cloud facility so customer can create its chosen cloud infrastructure.

Migration Studio®

Migration Studio®

Business needs infrastructure to move from on-premise to cloud and sometimes from one to another cloud platform to become agile, competitive, reduction in server footprint, improved performance, and flexible. But at the same time, this needs to be done without risking business disruption, security, compliance, performance, and data security.

Migration studio is a migration service offering, which renders the solution for various cloud migration demands that include; database migration, infrastructure migration, file migration, and virtual/bare metal migration. Click2Cloud migration studio works seamlessly with all the leading multi-cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Huawei, GCP, OTC, and associated services.

Clouds Brain migration can be performed in two ways i.e., either immediate or scheduled migration. With the immediate option, one can start instantaneous migration, while in the scheduled migration option, user needs to specify time and date, and accordingly Clouds Brain will initiate migration on the scheduled time.


Clouds Brain Migration Scenario’s

Customers can perform multi-cloud migrations in the following different scenarios.

  • right-checkCloud-to-Cloud Migration
  • right-checkVirtual-to-Cloud Migration
  • right-checkDatabase-to-Cloud Migration
  • right-checkStorage-to-Cloud Migration
  • right-checkPhysical-to-Cloud Migration
  • right-checkVirtual-to-Virtual Migration
  • right-checkInfra Migration
  • right-checkContainer Migration
  • right-checkSSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) Cross database migration to SQL Server from different source databases like MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase.

Why Clouds Brain Migration?

  • right-check
    Rapid Deployment

    Enterprises and DevOps engineers can rapidly deploy their infrastructure be it on-prem, database, and BareMetal to the cloud with few clicks. Clouds Brain’s migration feature with its operational and development flexibility inspires the customers to migrate their infrastructure workload to the cloud.

  • right-check
    Capture Usage & Data Bills

    Clouds Brain’s migration feature gives usage and data bills analysis report. This helps to take wise decision about efficient usage which might reduce the operational costs and reduced TCO/ROI. It generates the pdf format of data usability and migration applied to a cloud.

  • right-check
    Multi-Cloud with Multiple Migration

    Multi-cloud migration with multiple migration scenarios is the icing on the cake. Customers can perform the migration for multi-cloud like AWS, Azure, Alibaba, OTC, Huawei, etc., with multiple migration scenarios like virtual machines, database, infra, storage, and so forth.

  • right-check
    Migration with Security

    Migration with Clouds Brain is one of the secure migrating platforms which not only enhance productivity but also make sure that its customer achieves data security. Each phase of migrating data to cloud ensures the security hence there is no point left for customers to worry about data security.


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