Cloud Cost Studio

Cloud Cost Studio is an essential part of CloudsBrain. Cloud Cost Studio offers features such as billing, budget management and optimization. CloudsBrain Cloud Cost Studio is an ideal cost management tool that helps enterprises to save the expenditure and simplify the process for better visibility and efficiency.

Cloud Cost Studio gives a cost comparison among multiple Clouds and Cloud providers. It also suggests the cloud with the best cost, security and functions. It helps the organization to manage cloud costs depending on resource usage. It provides the facility of Billing and Optimization.

  • right-check Billing helps you to know the costing insights of Compute, Storage, Cost Trend for multi-cloud accounts and gives the detailed invoice report of all services with price, usage and consumption.
  • right-checkCloud Cost Optimization is helpful in providing the correct and efficient cloud resources to your applications. It helps with cost savings and productivity enhancement. It also offers predictability, control, visibility, optimization, and the extensibility which is needed to maintain overall cloud costs.

An organization can easily manage the overall cloud cost spend depending upon their organization’s monthly and annual resource usage. With Click2Cloud’s Cloud Cost Studio, an organization can track overall cloud cost spends and manage optimization, budget management, automation, cost governance, cost visibility, cost ownership, budgets, and TCO (total cost of ownership).



Monitoring Studio

Monitoring Studio

Monitoring helps to keep the systematic review of the overall data usage. Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain Monitoring feature helps the user to keep the record of overall CPU usage, total network usage. Monitoring helps in cost savings and budget management. It monitors the usage/consumption to track user's cloud cost.



Cost Calculator

Provides a cost calculator for various services offered by the cloud providers so that helps users get an estimate for business need or budget.

Cloud Feature Compare

Feature by feature comparison of the leading cloud providers’ platform offerings can help you to determine which providers can meet your organization’s unique cloud requirements.

Geographic Compare

Support users to determine the geographical location of the data centre available for the selected cloud to meet their goal of providing applications.

Performance Compare

The performance evaluation of cloud services and resources is important for the cloud providers as well as for the enterprise customers, this feature provides an overall analysis of the performance.


This Feature Provides a complete analysis report of multiple services as total API count as well as services and their automation present on various cloud.