The Linux Foundation | Open Source Summit 2021

Click2Cloud’s Joint International Hackathon 2019

It is our pleasure to be participants at the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit 2021. The summit features speakers from around the world. Click2Cloud, a member of this summit, is honored to share a glimpse of its post-event activities.

Rupal Shirpurkar, Click2Cloud's Business Head, introduced and promoted the project. Centaurus is an open source project that is shaping the future of cloud native infrastructure in the age of AI, 5G, and Edge. This event was held on Monday September 27th, 2021, at 11:15 am to 12:05 PDT.

Along with Rupal, the other community leaders and industry experts Dr. Ying Xiong, Peng Du, and Mengni Zhang also gave an introduction about the Centaurus project. Dr. Ying Xiong gave the Arktos Scale Architecture description. Peng Du showcased the Mizar Network Models. Mengni Zhang introduced the Distributed Cloud Infrastructure-Challenge.

Click2Cloud CEO Prashant Mishra attended the summit in person. He has been a consistent contributor to the open source community for over 20 years.

In order to support the low latency and high scalability requirements of next-generation cloud workloads, AI, 5G, and Edge applications pose major challenges for cloud infrastructure platforms. Increasingly, though, cloud infrastructure is distributed across remote edge locations and centralized data centers.

The summit also consists of a virtual and in-person booth, where Rupal promoted the Centaurus project - an open source platform for building a unified and scalable distributed cloud infrastructure.

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