Open Source

A platform for innovation, open source software is distributed with its source code available for the modification. This platform consists of a license for developers, programmers to make changes in software the way they want. It helps them to fix bugs, improve functionality.

Click2Cloud™ is also making its presence in the open source community. Click2Cloud™ collaborate with community through projects under Red Hat OpenShift, OpenStack, SODA Foundation, Manage IQ, Hashicorp, Fedora OS, K8’s, and many other opensource projects.

Working Model

Click2Cloud™ is working to enhance the opensource projects in different areas like

Technical Blogger
Online Training and Certification
Developer Community Building

Click2Cloud’s contribution to Open Source Community

Red Hat
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Workload Probability
  • Cross-Cloud Orchestration
  • SQL on Linux
  • Running Windows OS in OpenShift platform
  • Multi-cloud management platform
  • VM Provisioning
  • Topology
  • Package, deploy & manage different types of applications
  • Deployment of application management system in Kubernetes
  • Application management using single platform
Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Spinnaker, Open stack
  • Automating infra management scripts using Terraform, Ansible and Chef for Alibaba, Huawei, Telefonica, Orange and OTC clouds
  • Configuration management
  • Spinnaker integration for Alibaba & AWS cloud
SODA Foundation & Linux Foundation
  • One-stop-shop storage management platform
  • Adding Alibaba & Huawei cloud storages as backend
  • Deployment of application management system in Kubernetes
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Multi-cloud data control
  • Host based replication
  • Telemetry and anomaly detection
  • Infrastructure platform for distributed cloud
  • Cluster management system (Arktos)
  • High-performance cloud-network (Mizar)
  • Unified Orchestration
  • Multi-tenant Cloud Platform
  • Large Scale and High Performance
  • Hyper-Scale Unified Cloud Network
  • High Performance Data Plane
  • Cloud Native Networking Management Plane
  • Additional Feature (Next generation solution & Improved Cloud Network)
  • Open-source RDBMS with multi-core architecture
  • Full stage data protection, security, and better performance to enhance business productivity
  • Seamless data migration via CloudsBrain’s user-friendly UI
  • High performance and security
  • Fully automated migration to avoid manual efforts and errors


Reduced costs and Simplified Operations
Improved Interoperability
Direct Access to Customizable Code
Superior Code Quality and Security
Provides Customer feedback

On a global level, members from Click2Cloud™

Has participated and worked for open source communities in different countries which includes

  • United States