Cloud and Metaverse Summit-2023 - The Largest Global Cloud Summit by Click2Cloud Inc

Click2Cloud’s Joint International Hackathon 2019

 The Cloud & Metaverse Summit - 2023 wrapped with a resounding success on Saturday, February 25, 2023. Organized by Cick2Cloud Inc., this summit comprised insightful presentations delivered by global speakers and open-source contributors.

It gathered a plethora of live attendees from 25+ colleges and 10+ organizations around the globe and featured 10+ talks comprised of a keynote and various presentations across multiple tracks of technology, including cloud adoption, the potential of virtual reality, and open source projects supporting digital transformation.

The primary focus of the summit was to educate the attendees on global technology trends powered by Metaverse and motivate them to join the open-source community and dedicate their skills, energy, and ideas to the development of Metaverse.

The summit was initiated by the host, Nikhil Aparajit. He welcomed Mr. Prashant Mishra, Founder & CEO, Click2Cloud Inc., to deliver the keynote session on “Cloud & Metaverse: Healthcare & Agriculture Transformation.”




The focus of the keynote was to bring awareness about the potential of Cloud and Metaverse in providing better health care and enhancing agriculture productivity. He also introduced Click2Cloud’s Future of Farming and Health Optics projects to the attendees.

The keynote was followed by another interesting session given by Anni Lai, Head of Open Source Operations and Marketing, Futurewei & Board Director, Open Metaverse Foundation. The topic of the session was “Metaverse Market Trends,” and included the emerging technologies to support the development of the Metaverse.

Following this, Nikhil welcomed Yong He, Principal Software / Solutions Architect, Futurewei, to introduce DORA - Dataflow Oriented Robotic Architecture to address the challenges of digital transformation of the robotic industry.

Wenjing Chu, Senior Director of Technology Strategy, Futurewei, delivered the next presentation on OpenWallet Foundation Overview And Opportunities In The Metaverse. This talk was dedicated to Future Wallets and the opportunities they bring to the Metaverse.

After an intuitive presentation by Wenjin Chu, Eric Myer, Developer Advocate, Igalia delivered a session dedicated to the WebXR Open Source project and shared his extensive knowledge in the development of virtual reality.

Shamik Das Chowdhury, Director (Sales Program Strategy & Partner), Microsoft, took over the lead and shared his views on “Assessment: The Foundation For All Journey To Cloud,” highlighting the key elements of a successful cloud migration journey to leverage data and innovation and foster growth.

Royal O'Brien, Executive Director of Open Metaverse Foundation, Linux Foundation, shared a presentation that drove forward the potential of open source projects and why open source is essential to make Metaverse accessible to all.

Tom Mix Petreca, Lead Technology Strategist, Tencent Cloud, also shared his tip-offs on cloud computing as an integral part of digitalization in his talk “How Tencent Cloud Is Supporting The Rise Of Immersive Convergence 2023.”

This presentation was followed by a very interactive session by Ms. Rupal Shirpurkar, Business Head (Cloud - BU), Click2Cloud Inc., where she presented her views on “The Future Is Open Source For Innovation In India.” The talk comprised her ideas on the necessity of contributing to Open Source for cross-company collaboration.