Private Cloud Offerings

Private stack is a cloud framework that empowers cloud services like compute, storage and network. Click2Cloud™ provides a private stack infrastructure for Azure Stack, Openstack and Apsara stack.


Azure Stack

Azure Stack is an Azure technology built on vetted hardware and distributed by approved vendors that bring Azure cloud technology into a data centre. Click2Cloud™ worked with Azure stack to provide cloud to cloud migration from Azure to Openstack.



It is an open free cloud computing platform. Click2Cloud™ provides a migration from Openstack to Alibaba, Openstack to OTC, Azure to Openstack, GCP to Openstack, OTC to Openstack and Alibaba to Openstack in cloud to cloud scenario. Likewise, in virtual to cloud migration, Click2Cloud™ provides VMware to Openstack, HyperV to Openstack, KVM to Openstack and XenServer to Openstack migration.


Apsara Stack

Apsara stack is a full stack cloud solution designed for an organization that requires a highly flexible and efficient hybrid cloud solution. In field of migrating, Click2Cloud™ offers VMware to Apsara stack. Elastic Cloud Service (ECS), Image Management Service (IMS), and Object Storage Service (OSS) are some of the standard services which Click2Cloud™ uses for migration or terraform implementation.

Click2Cloud™ enables Terraform to support private and public cloud to create, manage and update infrastructure resources such as physical machine, VMs, network switches, containers, and many more.

Use Cases

Multi-Tier Applications

Click2Cloud™ offers one of the services of Terraform for building and managing the infrastructures with multi-tier applications. Each tier can be described as a collection of resources, and the dependencies between each tier are handled automatically.

Self-Service Clusters

Using self-service clusters of Terraform,Click2Cloud™ provides the knowledge of how to build and scale a service for code configuration. Terraform configurations can be shared within an organization enabling customer teams to use the configuration as a black box and use Terraform as a tool to manage their services.

Multi-cloud Deployment

Click2Cloud™ is a cloud-agnostic which offers a service of multi-cloud deployment that allows a single configuration to be used to manage multiple providers, and to even handle cross-cloud dependencies. This simplifies management and orchestration, helping operators build largescale multi-cloud infrastructures.

Software Defined Networking

Click2Cloud™ provides a service where a user can codify the configuration for software defined networking. As an example, AWS VPC is one of the most commonly used SDN implementations and can be configured by Click2Cloud’s Terraform services. This allows configuration to be versioned and changes to be automated.