Building Cloud Native Solutions with SODA!

17-Dec, 2019
click2cloud blogs- Building Cloud Native Solutions with SODA!

Click2Cloud is glad to share the news about SODA formation by OpenSDS. A collaborative mini-conference on Open Data Autonomy. Click2Cloud has secured the position as one of the top supporters in OpenSDS LF under The Linux Foundation.

This forum consists of architects, CxO’s, and developers where the abundance of knowledge is being shared on open collaboration for storage and data management.

Click2Cloud is happy to be a part of this forum where our CEO Mr. Prashant Mishra is sharing his thoughts on “Building Cloud Native Solutions with SODA”.

Mr. Prashant Mishra is sharing his thoughts on “Building Cloud Native Solutions with SODA”.

Be it data protection, lifecycle management, data operations, data management, storage management, on-premise, hybrid, multi-cloud data management, and so forth. The cloud-Native solution is one of the ways for each of these paths.

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain uses the OpenSDS project for a multi-cloud extension for storage management and has created a level playing choice for its customers.

A collaborative mini-conference on Open Data Autonomy. This event is organized by OpenSDS, an open-source community working under the Linux Foundation to address storage integration challenges in scale-out cloud-native environment. Its vision is to connect siloed data solutions to build a self-governed and intelligent data platform.

The mini-conference has a mix of technical sessions, end-user case studies, interactive workshops, demos, and road-map discussions. Take back learning on data management challenges, solutions, how to collaborate and contribute to this open-source project. A very great opportunity for networking.

It saves your overall production cost, infrastructure cost, helps you to have a large source of storage capacity over cloud and on-premise.

Click2Cloud cloud brain for OpenSDS provides with storage feature where users can easily add, connect any block storage device using one click. Helps in the management of data lifecycle to move data across storage tiers and archival for long term retention.

Volume lifecycle management using block storage management service of cloud brain which utilizes hotpot project of OpenSDS and using that one can their device and perform operations like Crud Operations on volume, snapshot backup to any S3 compatible cloud service.

Mr Prashant Mishra Founder and CEO of Click2Cloud is sharing his thoughts on Building Cloud Native Solutions with SODA


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