Analytics Assessment: Start Insights-Driven Transformation

24-Aug, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Analytics Assessment: Start Insights-Driven Transformation

A competitive advantage in today's market requires a strong enterprise analytics capability. 

Many companies still have difficulty gaining meaningful insights and making decisions at an operational and strategic level.

A lack of clarity around how to modernize legacy applications and analytics platforms is a major obstacle for enterprises. There are challenges facing companies in understanding migration best practices to mitigate risks, enhance security, and optimize reporting. They also struggle to implement governance structures across siloed analytics platforms.

Analytics Assessment is designed for customers who wish to modernize their legacy data platforms and make use of native Azure services, including AI, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things capabilities. It provides customers with analysis of their data and ways to improve business outcomes.

Why Analytics Assessment?

It provides industry specificity by leveraging data models that include specific semantics. Ingesting, enriching, and unifying data with a data model enables faster time-to-value and increased interoperability.

Analytics Assessment provides faster innovation by extending the value of the platform with additional solutions, analytics, and predictions.

It helps to unlock omnichannel and AI-driven insights with analytics solutions that eliminate data silos.

Provides a 360-degree view by unifying data across all customer touchpoints and systems.

A Closer Look at Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel Analytics Assessment

Click2Cloud encompasses a robust and industry-leading Analytics Assessment Platform Cloud Intel. It allows Click2Cloud to meet the different needs and use cases demanded by today’s organizations for example, advanced analytic services such as real-time analysis, machine learning, and predictive analysis.

Cloud Intel provides an in-depth Analytics Assessment that assesses organizations current data estate, provides a complete inventory of IT assets, tools, and technology, provides a data strategy framework, prioritizes business use cases that drive objective and key results (OKRs), landing zone, an actionable data management roadmap, and cloud readiness to modernize digital processes.

As a result, Cloud Intel Analytics Assessment helps to gain a better understanding of migration and modernization options; an overview of financial implications; best practices for cost savings; improving efficiencies; optimizing reporting; and competitive strategy.

Click2Cloud guides you through our detailed end-to-end holistic approach, from identifying your business goals to implementing specific action items including planning, solution assessment, cloud adoption framework workshop, landing zone, and industry-specific solutions.


Identify business goals and objectives, get a clear picture of the current data estate, optimize investments, and implement a strategic plan tailored to each cloud journey with Analytics Assessment by Click2Cloud and start an insights-driven transformation.

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