Transform Your Business with Click2Cloud's Cloud Adoption Framework

23-Nov, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Transform Your Business with Click2Cloud's Cloud Adoption Framework

In today’s world, we are experiencing unprecedented change caused by the advancement of digital technologies, resulting in increased competition across a wide range of markets and industries.

Digital transformation and cloud computing create enormous opportunities for data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics, and as a result, organizations are adopting new technologies, migrating to cloud platforms, and adopting digital business models.

Thus, traditional IT operations methods and processes are no longer adequate. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, legacy IT systems, apps, and tools running in on-premises datacenters are no longer performant and cost-efficient enough to offer the scalability and agility businesses need to remain competitive and grow.

A business shift to the clouds is on the horizon.

But the question is, are firms able to take the right approach to their cloud adoption journeys?

They face several challenges in their cloud adoption journey, which impedes their adoption at all levels.

A comprehensive framework makes it possible to create any cloud experience and overcome the challenges of cloud adoption.

What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?

A Cloud Adoption Framework is a collection of best practices, documentation, implementation guidance, and tools designed to accelerate your cloud adoption.

As a result, you can shape your technology, business, and people strategies to ensure that your cloud adoption effort leads to the best possible business results.

At Click2Cloud, we provide an end-to-end holistic approach to cloud adoption, from determining your business goals to implementing specific action items, including Planning, Solution Assessment, CAF Workshop, Landing Zones, and Industry Solutions (Pilot/Proof of Concept) across industries.

What Click2Cloud's Cloud Adoption Framework Offers in a Nutshell

Click2Cloud offers innovative industry-specific cloud adoption solutions via a framework that helps you digitally transform your business and increase your productivity.

The Click2Cloud’s CAF identifies specific organizational capabilities essential for cloud transformation success. Cloud readiness is improved through these capabilities.

The Cloud Adoption Framework includes assessment of cloud readiness, identification and engagement of key stakeholders, alignment of businesses and technologies, and establishment of a business case.

Cloud Intel is an automated tool powered by Click2Cloud that performs a detailed discovery, offers migration planning, assessment, industry-specific solutions, establishes an operating model, and ensures security under the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Keeping up with the digital world, Click2Cloud’s CAF provides modern approaches to managing big data, such as data warehousing, implementing effective compliance and governance practices, and enhancing customer experiences.

A Comprehensive Map of Cloud Adoption with Click2Cloud

Click2Cloud groups its capabilities based on six pillars:


Benefits of Click2Cloud’s Cloud Adoption Framework

  • Reduces business risk
  • Improves environmental, social, and governance performance
  • Cost clarity and control
  • Accelerates cloud decisions
  • Security
  • Optimizes cloud-native environment
  • Increases operational efficiency


The Click2Cloud Cloud Adoption Framework helps you identify key activities and objectives to reliably accelerate your cloud journey. Move to the cloud with confidence and thrive significant business outcomes.

Transform your business today with Click2Cloud’s Cloud Adoption Framework!

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