Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment with Cloud Intel

10-Aug, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment with Cloud Intel

There are a growing number of customers across the globe who want to migrate workloads to the cloud. Implementing a migration project can be challenging and planning/designing a migration approach is crucial before implementing a migration project.

When users plan to migrate, they struggle to figure out what it takes to move their businesses to the cloud. Users face challenges such as how the process will flow and how their business will run smoothly once they have migrated.

Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment by Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel provides you thorough understanding of what migrating to the cloud entails in all its various aspects. Click2Cloud’s Data and Infra Migration Solution Assessment is ideal for those customers who have concerns about data and infrastructure migrations.


Is Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment by Click2Cloud for You?

If you have any of these concerns below, about migrating data and infrastructure to the cloud, consider a solution assessment. We at Click2Cloud ensure that your IT inventories are managed in the best way possible during your cloud journey.

  • Cloud journey starting point 
  • Strategic alignment between the cloud and business 
  • Costs associated with the transition of legacy infrastructure
  • Redesign of on-premises applications 
  • Prioritizing applications to migrate first

Data and Infrastructure Migration Solution Assessment

Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment helps organizations to evaluate their overall infrastructure in relation to on-premises deployments and cloud strategies, providing insights on the benefits of migration from a business, cost, and technology aspects.

It Assesses your business' infrastructure and databases to help businesses determine which workloads to migrate to the cloud.

A Solution Assessment analyzes and maps your IT inventories, considering customer plans, current deployments, usage, processes, and data.

Benefits of Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment

  • Provide hardware and software inventory
  • Workloads roadmap
  • Secure configuration
  • Assess risks and recommendations
  • Recognize modernization opportunities
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Security and ensure business resiliency

Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment with Cloud Intel

Cloud Intel is an impeccable assessment platform for the discovery and assessment of your IT inventories. It automates discovery, scanning, and collection of data within the organization. 

Through the analysis of collected data, users can make better decisions and facilitate cloud migration by learning more about their infrastructure, devices, and applications.

Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud helps customers assess their whole infrastructure and data in accordance to on-premises deployments and future cloud-strategies with insights into the business, financial, and technological advantages.

By analyzing data and infrastructure, Cloud Intel provides you with a detailed analysis of their readiness to migrate to the cloud.

An in-depth analysis of customer cloud readiness and prioritization of workloads by Cloud Intel provides insights and recommendations for migration to Azure.

The Full Stack Offerings of Click2Cloud

Click2Cloud provides a full stack of solutions for both data and infrastructure migration. Our Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment caters to organizations at each stage of their cloud journey. Our consulting, migration, and managed services take care of ecosystems leveraging private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Click2Cloud offers automated solutions for data and infra-assessment. Click2Cloud works with the Microsoft account team to implement solution assessment using AI/ML-based products and services.

Click2Cloud provides complete end-to-end data and professional services, including solution assessment, proof of concept, analytics advisory, migration and implementations on the Azure platform, and managed services.


Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment by Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel helps you to move your apps, data, and infrastructure to Azure. This provides you with the information you need to make the right decisions about how, when, and where to migrate workloads to Azure, including applications, databases, and infrastructure.

Unlock the key to a win-win outcome with the Data & Infra Migration Solution Assessment by Click2Cloud.

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