Data Migration to the Cloud: Why You Must Go for Cloud Intel

16-Nov, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Data Migration to the Cloud: Why You Must Go for Cloud Intel

It is a frequent occurrence within an organization's IT landscape to manage and migrate data. There are many challenges and costs associated with achieving zero-loss data migration, whether it is moving systems from one location to another, overhauling online-offline dataflow between diverse business factions, conforming databases, and applications to new IT environments, or upgrading core backends and data centers. There is a severe lack of data-focused resources, which is the primary problem, also, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure becomes more expensive. An organization can no longer ignore the revolutionary potential of data-driven operational strategies, analytical insights, and business intelligence in such a situation.

Click2Cloud can help you manage your data migration and make sure it’s done right.

Click2Cloud End-to-end Data Migration Services

As the world's largest Cloud Assessment & Digital Transformation services provider, Click2Cloud stands at a trusted point to provide advanced, fail-proof data migration and transformation services.

Company's end-to-end holistic approach extracts, compiles, reformats, and transits data from multiple IT environments, including heterogeneous systems and complicated landscapes, to a custom cloud storage destination.

Click2Cloud provides assessment and industry-specific solutions using cutting-edge automation tools such as Cloud Intel.

Achieve Zero-Loss Database Migration Solutions Coupled with Cloud Intel

Powered by Click2Cloud, Cloud Intel facilitates your on-premises-to-cloud journey quickly, easily, and efficiently.

The Cloud Intel an assessment platform, covers the entire data migration, provides insight into legacy systems, automates, and facilitates cloud migration.

Cloud Intel enables customers to assess their IT inventories and data compared to on-premises deployments and offers insights into their business prospects and profitability.

It provides assessment and analysis to help customers determine the best path to the cloud based on their needs and budget.

With Cloud Intel, customers can get an assessment of cloud readiness that facilitates transparency and visibility and delivers comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI, which helps to discover, assess, compare, and orchestrate a migration timeline and roadmap.

Cloud Intel makes the entire process economical, agile, and error-free, and provides an advanced data transition experience.


Click2Cloud’s assessment tool, Cloud Intel, provides a solution assessment to migrate data to the cloud. It delivers the finest cloud migration services across industries.

At Click2Cloud, our role is to resolve all your data migration issues by providing a solution assessment, CAF workshop, landing zone, and industry-specific solutions that build trust to enhance your present as well as your future cloud needs.

Thinking about Data Migration? Confidently Migrate Your Data to the Cloud with Cloud Intel!

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