Data Warehouse Migration Assessment with Cloud Intel

01-Sep, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Data Warehouse Migration Assessment with Cloud Intel

Data warehouses consolidate business data from in-house applications, databases, and SaaS platforms, making it a central repository that businesses use to make decisions with analytics and business intelligence tools. 

Traditional data warehouses have many challenges, such as data quality, flexible structure, complex architecture, and total cost of ownership, all of which result in faulty reporting and analytics needed for optimal decision-making.

To overcome all these challenges, it is necessary for organizations to move their data warehouses to the cloud.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

  • On-demand scalability is a key benefit of the cloud, which makes it easy to store or analyze large amounts of data.
  • In the on-demand scalability model, you will be billed only when resources are being utilized based on your needs.
  • Cloud offers bundled capabilities such as data governance, analytics, identity, and access management.

Why Data Warehouse Migration Assessment?

Data warehouses are dynamic, unpredictable, and complex in nature as there are many users and applications accessing large, varied data sets.

A data warehouse migration to the cloud is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning. It's crucial to establish a comprehensive profile of data warehouse usage before migrating to the cloud in order to identify the migration inhibitors common to legacy data warehouses.

If these unanticipated issues are not identified and addressed, migrations will take longer, cost more, and be riskier. 

An assessment of the migration of a data warehouse can assist organizations to address these issues.

Data warehouse migration assessment addresses many challenges, such as whether a workload should be migrated all at once or should it be divided up into smaller segments; prioritization of workloads; legacy systems; landing zone; and cloud adoption strategy.

Explore How Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel Can Help You to Assess the Data Warehouse Migration Challenges

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel provides comprehensive and automated assessment, analyzes on-prem data warehouse, analytics usages, identifies and prioritizes data workloads and recommends optimized data models for migration.

It quantifies and prioritizes usage and application issues that impede migration and impact performance, productivity, and costs on cloud.

Cloud Intel provides a roadmap, a summary of the current environment, and an assessment of cloud readiness, which facilitates transparency and visibility and also delivers comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI. It helps to define a high-level cloud adoption strategy and landing zone.

With Cloud Intel's data warehouse assessment, you'll get a detailed data warehouse migration plan with an estimate of cost, budget, and time.

Click2Cloud guides you through an end-to-end holistic approach, from identifying your business goals to implementing specific action items such as planning, solution assessment, cloud adoption framework workshops, landing zones, and industry-specific implementations.


Click2Cloud helps customers assess their existing data warehouses, plan, prioritize, and automate the complete cloud migration journey securely and seamlessly.

Accelerate and simplify your data warehouse migration to the cloud with Click2Cloud’s end-to-end solution assessment today!

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