Drive a Sustainable Future with Click2Cloud's Tech Innovations

08-Dec, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Drive a Sustainable Future with Click2Cloud's Tech Innovations

A cloud-based environment and innovative technologies are transforming processes and equipment to enhance efficiency. In this transformation journey, cloud migration has become a key catalyst for driving innovation and achieving business and technology goals. When considering cloud migration, environmental implications are often overlooked by most industries.

As we witness the rise of global environmental awareness in recent years, it becomes increasingly important for companies all over the world to establish sustainable goals to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints in response to global warming and to remain competitive in the marketplace. Also, industries must commit to continuous innovation and advancement to accelerate sustainability goals and reach net zero in the areas of social, environmental, and corporate governance. 

However, many industries are still struggling to make the transition to a green economy because driving a sustainability agenda is challenging and complicated due to the involvement of multiple processes, data, and stakeholders.

The time is now to be a trailblazer in this space, and we’re here to help you get there by leveraging emerging technologies to mitigate environmental impact.

As a leader in sustainability solutions for key industries, Click2Cloud helps customers reduce their carbon footprints through sustainable business practices and cloud-based technologies.


Explore How Click2Cloud Helps You Drive Sustainable Impact

Click2Cloud is committed to developing sustainable technologies at the heart of innovation to ensure that we can all adapt to the planet and grow together.

Using technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things, Click2Cloud helps customers optimize their IT, smooth transition to new energy sources, and reach zero waste to meet sustainability goals for today and tomorrow.

With its AI and ML-based products and services, Click2Cloud helps industries with the assessment of their current environment, provides a sustainable roadmap tied to business KPIs, tracks their carbon footprints across the entire operation, assesses cloud readiness, improves visibility and transparency throughout the value chain, and helps develop and implement innovative dashboards using Power BI that enable customers to easily visualize their cloud usage to get energy efficiency solutions.

Migrating on-prem workloads to Microsoft Cloud can reduce carbon footprint by up to 98%, increase efficiencies, and generate a return on most customer’s investments. Click2Cloud's framework guides customers in setting up a sustainability blueprint and hybrid cloud journey roadmap by integrating various technologies, along with Microsoft Cloud for sustainability.


Click2Cloud's Sustainability Solutions Can Benefit You - 

  • To get insights and visibility into greenhouse gas emissions associated with your cloud usage 
  • To monitor actual and avoided emissions over time and identify the root causes of emissions
  • To make intelligent choices around how to balance usage and how to invest in software the right way to accelerate digital transformation and drive an impactful reduction in energy and material waste. 
  • To identify ways to further reduce emissions by moving additional workloads to the cloud
  • To measure the environmental impact of cloud services on your carbon footprint


Conclusion - 

In this blog, we outlined how Click2Cloud can help you assess your workloads, pinpoint optimization techniques that can reduce energy consumption, and create a cloud migration roadmap that enables you to achieve sustainability goals.

Drive a sustainable future with Click2Cloud's tech innovations!

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