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28-Mar, 2022
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With IT infrastructure Modernization, there are transformative changes in the field of IT infrastructure, applications, services, and customer support. It allows re-engineering of business processes. These processes support business growth across different departments. This in turn frees up internal IT resources that focus on vital business core services. Infra Modernization is a process carried out to replace legacy hardware solutions, consolidate and rationalize the infrastructure footprint, build in automation, and migrate to new and improved cloud-native systems.

It not only reduces the number of servers but also the types. Resulting in the optimization of the IT Infrastructure footprints and managing the entire organization's IT infrastructure better and reducing the number of locations and data centers that need to be managed. To meet expanding business goals, infrastructure modernization varies across businesses, organizations, and also from person to person. To compete in today’s digital economy, it becomes vital to align IT and business units together. It means digitizing and improving the end-user experience in order to improve services and also to create market differentiation.

Organizations today can gain agility through a comprehensive IT modernization strategy that can lower costs, increase speed and hence accelerate their path to digitization.


The entire modernizing process revolves around automation, orchestration, and analytics to the infrastructure. It not only increases the company’s visibility and control but also improvises the overall performance, scalability, agility, efficiency that helps stack your technology. It also strengthens security and compliance.

Benefits of Infra Modernization include:

  • Increased scalability and reliability for future growth
  • Improved performance, management, monitoring, and availability
  • Increased capacity and uptime
  • Eliminates run-time issues with legacy infrastructure

IT infrastructure Modernization-Cloud Intel-Click2Cloud

Fig: IT infrastructure Modernization

Infra Modernization helps businesses:

Focus on business issues, not IT alone
Prior to gaining insight into modernization efforts, identifying business priorities and their solutions is crucial. There are many enterprises facing challenges like spurring economic growth, managing age-related problems, enhancing public safety, etc. One needs to focus on the biggest priorities and carefully examine how technology can help you address those issues in the long run.

Update applications and data
Many businesses today struggle to define and deploy workload placement strategies for traditional and cloud ecosystems. The challenges are often both technical and financial. These challenges can be addressed by justifying the business case study for every application. This process consists of workload placement – which usually determines the location of applications and data and how it will process it.
Enterprises can assess and rationalize applications that result in cost savings after determining the business priorities and addressing them. It also boosts speed, agility, and other savings to implement a cloud-based operating model that ensures security, performance, and financial requirements. 

Analyze your workload documentation
Once the applications and data are updated, you need to analyze the workloads and prioritize which ones to migrate to the cloud. Here, few workloads will enable quick response to generate a complex task and long-term efforts. Yet other workloads will require more rigorous planning. In such cases, all the data must be kept in an on-premises data center. To access the data over the cloud, an API and front end are built.

Simplify and optimize IT
Complex systems prevent organizations from focusing on strategic agendas. IT aging can raise costs, reduce quality and slow down the change. To optimize cost, businesses must focus on lean processes and automation. This in turn improves workload placement and eliminates unnecessary services and data.
Enterprises continuously optimize the IT environment with automated workload management tools and implement software-defined networks. By modernizing IT, resources and budget can be applied to innovation and other new services. 

Assess your organization's readiness
Resource readiness is crucial too. Organizational readiness including both cultural and resources can be considered. Where, cultural readiness includes things like stakeholder buy-in, room for risk, collaboration, and other organizational models. Examining the existing resources to ensure a better understanding of existing commitments. 

Take help from IT experts
Once you are familiar with new technology, it becomes easier to deploy. The experienced IT services are always at your assistance for better growth and hands-on implementation. Cloud Intel helps businesses to achieve technology targets and goals. It allows the management of existing resources and the development of their technical capabilities.

Using Infra Modernization, organizations can replace legacy hardware solutions that help in migrating to new and improved cloud systems. Cloud Intel offers IT Infrastructure Modernization services to help you take your applications and software to the next level enhancing performance and manageability. We at Cloud Intel helps you drive your organization’s IT modernization process through various phases of efficiency and agility with a modular and structural approach.

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