Mainframe Modernization Assessment with Cloud Intel

07-Sep, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Mainframe Modernization Assessment with Cloud Intel

In today's global business landscape, mainframes are essential, with many organizations relying on them to run business-critical applications.

The term mainframe modernization refers to upgrading or adapting existing mainframe systems rather than replacing them completely or operating them with old software.

Why Mainframe Modernization?

Mainframe modernization can be a complex process when you're running your core business on it. 

A number of factors contribute to the need for mainframe modernization, such as the scarcity of domain expertise, limited flexibility, exorbitant costs, and application complexities.

Assessment for Modernizing Mainframe: Why is it Necessary?

There is often a lack of understanding of legacy systems among organizations. Legacy migration or modernization decisions are often made without adequate visibility into existing systems, making it impossible to assess costs, potential savings, timelines, and risks.

To start the mainframe modernization process, the most important thing is to decide where to start; determine an ideal modernization strategy; identify business functions that need to be upgraded; prioritize workloads; maintain legacy systems; understand legacy code; and maintenance costs; and identify potential risks.

An assessment is essential for creating a mainframe modernization roadmap that helps you achieve your end-goals more quickly by addressing these critical insights.

Modernizing mainframes is crucial, and leveraging Click2Cloud's assessment platform, Cloud Intel, is the way to do it.

Get an Assessment of Your Mainframe Modernization with Click2Cloud's Cloud Intel

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel performs assessments for the purpose of developing a thorough understanding of the applications, operational components, and infrastructures of a mainframe environment. 

It helps organizations discover mainframe artifacts they weren’t aware of and assets that are no longer in use.

Cloud Intel provides a comprehensive analysis of your legacy applications, analyzes mainframe code, and assists you in understanding their inter-relationships, complexity, dependencies, and business rules.

It recommends a strategy for modernization based on the 5R framework (rehost, refactor, rebuild, re-architect, and replace) to determine the feasibility by categorizing objects and applications and drive ongoing modernization initiatives with different levels of assistance.

The Cloud Intel provides a roadmap, a summary of the current environment, and an assessment of cloud readiness, which facilitates transparency and visibility and also delivers comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI that help to evolve your mainframes.

Advantages of a Mainframe Modernization Assessment with Cloud Intel

  • Complete visibility into the legacy systems
  • Prioritization of workloads
  • Categorization of objects and applications
  • Provides reports and documentation
  • Provides security assessments without damaging infrastructure
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Performance at scale
  • Provides reliability and sustainability


At Click2Cloud, we provide automated solutions to modernize legacy applications and help you move from the mainframe to modern cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure quickly, easily and safely. 

Get an easy, cost-effective, and proven way to move on from the mainframe with Click2Cloud’s end-to-end managed services such as planning, solution assessment, workshop on cloud adoption, landing zone, and industry-specific solutions.

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