Sustainability Assessment with Cloud Intel

13-Oct, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Sustainability Assessment with Cloud Intel

Climate change and rising sea levels present environmental, social, and economic crises on a whole new level. In today's era economic and social sustainability are the needs of the hour.

With the move to the cloud, organizations across all sectors can reduce their carbon footprint and use green technology and eco-friendly solutions to minimize environmental impacts.

However, sustainability is a complicated and challenging scenario due to the involvement of multiple processes, data, and stakeholders. The lack of a strong ecosystem makes it challenging for many organizations to take the green leap due to increased costs, high complexity, and a lack of tailored solutions. IT infrastructure emissions are also hard to measure due to the multitude of inputs such as the powering of hardware, managing physical space, and managing the large supply chain.

Powered by Click2Cloud, Cloud Intel provides you with a Sustainability Assessment that offers insights into the environmental impacts of on-premises infrastructure and the reduction of carbon footprints in cloud environments.

Sustainability Assessment?

Sustainability Assessment helps you benchmark with industry peers, identify gaps, and track progress over time with the goal of integrating it into your sustainability program.

An assessment helps you to improve the digital world by optimizing IT usage and reducing ecological footprints.

Benefits of Sustainability Assessment 

  • Streamlines reporting and collection and analysis processes
  • Timely identifies areas for improvement in sustainability performance
  • Ensures greater accuracy and traceability of data and reduces processing time
  • Improves the efficiency of external audits
  • An easy-to-use, dynamic, and accurate reporting system

Explore: How Does Cloud Intel Help?

Powered by Click2Cloud, Cloud Intel is an assessment platform that helps you manage all aspects of organizations sustainability. It helps you identify cloud assets that require a change to reduce the impact of existing infrastructure.

Sustainability report from Cloud Intel provides a comprehensive view of the carbon emissions of your infrastructure with consideration for different computing and storage requirements.

Cloud Intel's Sustainability Assessment facilitates assessing sustainability issues, identifying risks, and creating strategic plans for improving governance and reducing your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, it also lets you compare emissions between different Azure compute and storage scenarios against multiple on-premises infrastructure options.

Cloud Intel helps you analyze your baseline carbon emissions and track your progress toward your goal over time with visualizations of your positive impact on the environment.


Cloud Intel makes it easy for you to migrate to the cloud quickly, securely, and compliantly. Get started using Cloud Intel today to accelerate your Sustainability Assessment, reduce your environmental impact, and improve your digital transformation.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Cloud Intel's Sustainability Assessment...!

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