OpenGauss Database and its migration Via Clouds Brain

03-Feb, 2021
click2cloud blogs- OpenGauss Database and its migration Via Clouds Brain

When most of the businesses around the world are moving towards innovating steps to make their work process user friendly and efficient, cloud computing steps in to make this migration an easy task. Database migration is a process of seamlessly migrating your data from one or more sources to a targeted database platform.

In cloud computing, open-source cloud technology works as a savior in the migration process, whether your data is present on a public cloud platform or a private data center. Thus, with every new development in the field of cloud, open-source technology is revamping itself to address different challenges faced by businesses. Many prominent companies such as Linux, Huawei, and Red Hat are playing a vital role in promoting open-source database migration.

Understanding OpenGauss (GaussDB) database - Launched by Huawei cloud
Built by leveraging the years of Huawei’s experience in the database; OpenGauss is an open-source relational database management system that efficiently addresses the need of enterprise level scenarios like migration from cloud to cloud or DB to cloud

This self-developed database by Huawei can be deployed globally to serve user's localized requirements meanwhile saving their time and worry during the process of migration, development, operation, and maintenance.

The new version 1.0.1 of the OpenGauss has added new functionalities to DBMS, making it a most promising choice for a number of IT tasks, especially for loaded enterprise projects. The core version based on PostgreSQL object-relational DBMS has a multipurpose database with controlled concurrency. Its remarkable features include intelligent parameter tuning, diagnostics of slow SQL, improved performance, and online SQL prediction that greatly simplifies O&M.

Why switch to the openGauss database?

The OpenGauss database compared to the traditional databases has bought various possibilities including high availability, high efficiency, improved performance, high scalability, easy operation, and maintenance. Let us outline these key benefits in detail:

  • Improved Performance: This next-gen MySQL compatible enterprise-level database supports strong consistency for the distributed transaction and the measured performance index reaches 12 million tpmC thus improving the overall performance of the open-source database.
  • Elastic Scaling: GaussDB (openGauss) currently supports the overall online expansion of 256 nodes. Meanwhile, guaranteeing the excellent performance for customers providing steady growth, and debugging the challenges of traditional DIY architecture.
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance: openGauss offers intelligent parameter optimization. The database service when combined with deep reinforcement learning and heuristic algorithm supports multidimensional performance and quick tuning.
  • Free to Modify: openGauss is a licensed Mulan PSL v2; allowing developers to freely modify DBMS code, as well as use and reference them. The project source code is freely available to developers and coders to built tools and other database peripheral capabilities.

Migrate to openGauss database via CloudsBrain
Being an open-source solution and service provider, Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain supports database migration activities that are easily available for public cloud providers and helps to prevent vendor lock-ins.

CloudsBrain with its countable add-ons, countless extensions, and as an open-source database migration service provider, provides highly customizable services as compared to other such providers. 

CloudsBrain help end-users to assess and then migrate their workload from any closed source database to OpenGauss which is more secure and authentic. 

OpenGauss database migration via CloudsBrain support multi-language, scalability, application programming, authentication, extensibility, localization, high performance, and security of your data. 

CloudsBrain helps users to migrate to other open-source database as well like MySQL, PostgreSQL, mongo DB, MariaDB, SQLite, and many more with assessment report, performance testing, high security and cost management.  

Subscribe to CloudsBrain for free 7-Days Trial and explore its amazing features.

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