Cold Storage Solution by Clouds Brain Through SONY Optical Disc Archive

18-May, 2021
click2cloud blogs- Cold Storage Solution by Clouds Brain Through SONY Optical Disc Archive

Storage of high capacity of data using traditional tape technology results in uncertainty of loss of data, high costs, and problems like huge storage of data sets. The ideal solution over traditional tape storage is fast, high-speed, rapidly increasing optical disc technology by SONY Optical Disc Archive for long term archiving.

The optical disc archive for cold storage is reliable and secure. It is useful in storing confidential information and offline data sets with easy retrievals. SONY ODA is the best solution for different business domains like telecom, cinematography, broadcast and production, sports, corporate, entertainment, education, intelligent media services, and healthcare.

CloudsBrain integration with SONY ODA is designed for multi-cloud vendors that provide a large volume of cloud storage data, exceptional durability, simplified archival storage, and reduced costs. We have integrated the SONY PETA site library into CloudsBrain for storing a huge amount of rarely used data safely. SONY ODA uses an advanced high-density disc structure that allows a single generation 3 media cartridge to store up to 5.5TB of data. 


Let us understand how cold storage by CloudsBrain through SONY ODA can be helpful for its customers:

1. Storage of data using optical disc:
Optical disc technology provides cold archive of applications with high storage capacity. It uses an advanced high-density disc structure compared to the old tape method. It consists of six discrete recording layers, three media cartridges, and the storage of 5.5TB of data. Optical disc archive provides an option of write-once and re-writable optical disc archive media (WORM). Not only this, if a user wants to extend the storage capacity, it helps to smoothly scale with library solution to meet cold data archiving challenges. 

2. Durability of SONY ODA:
When it comes to storing data over a long period of time, and repeat access to such data, SONY optical disc technology is the best option to go for. It gives backup of your applications, long-term cold storage, and exceptional durability in a wide range of environmental conditions , may it be temperature or humidity, optical disc archive fits for all.

3. Safety of cold storage data files with optical disc:
The read/write head of a traditional tape-based storage solution is limited by its hardware structure. Optical disc archive by SONY is made up of reliable, non-contact read/write technology that gives a storage life of more than 100 years which is substantially longer compared to other tape-based storage media. The cartridges of optical disc archive (ODA) are designed for durability, fast speed, longevity, and simple storage requirements. 

4. Speed of optical disc:
No matter how old your cold storage data be, an optical disc archive provides you long-term storage strategy with a fast lane without lengthy retrieval and restore times. With four laser head assemblies and an eight-channel optical drive, SONY ODA allows the read/write laser head from both sides of the disc. This gives a high speed of 375 MB/s (read) and 187.5 MB/s (write) compared to tape-based storage. 

Click2Cloud’s Contribution:

Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain integration with SONY ODA provides its users to migrate their cloud data to on-premises. 

Dedicated teams from Click2Cloud and Sony are working collaboratively to resolve Cold Storage data issues for archiving large volume cold data which rapidly increases media archives.”

This feature facilitates better cold storage migration approach, saves time and cost, improves durability, long-term data storage, fast speed, and scales smoothly with data archival solution to resolve the biggest cold data archiving challenge. Click2Cloud’s contribution towards the cold storage requirements using SONY Optical Disc Archive is an excellent option for resilience against damage of data, resistance to temperature, immense durability, and robust advanced technology.

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