Take Control of your Cloud Storage using Clouds Brain

22-Oct, 2021
click2cloud blogs- Take Control of your Cloud Storage using Clouds Brain

Data is a crucial component of any enterprise. Every organization has to deal with huge amounts of data. Managing storage infrastructure can create difficulties and challenges for organization. Downtime of storage can lead to huge loss in productivity of the enterprise.

Inadequate data security leads to unfortunate events like malicious attacks and loss of data. Data security should always be one among the top priorities for an organization. To ensure data is protected, organizations have to constantly monitor and manage infrastructure’s storage security.

Organization has to continuously upgrade storage infrastructure to meet an ever-rising amount of data. With this, there is an increase in cost of maintenance of infrastructure/hardware leading to increase in budget on data security and storage management.

A simple solution to resolve all the challenges of traditional storage systems is cloud storage. Click2Cloud® offers its complete automated multiple cloud management platform “Clouds Brain”. 

Clouds Brain Storage

Clouds Brain enables organizations to manage operations on multiple cloud infrastructure to meet rising demand for cloud computing. It facilitates the organization to store their data in a secure and accessible manner in a virtualized cloud environment.
Clouds Brain Storage enables the organization to migrate and store their data in a few simple steps. It offers a reliable and secure data Storage facility. You can also create, migrate, manage, and monitor your data with Clouds Brain storage. 

Storage platform from Clouds Brain helps you in managing data capacity, security, and durability to ensure that the data is accessible to all the organization’s applications around the world. Gain instant scalability, multi-tenancy, accessible interfaces, elasticity, and metered resources with Clouds Brain cloud storage.

Types of Storage in Clouds Brain

Clouds Brain supports 4 types of storage listed below:

  • Object Storage
  • Block Storage
  • Cold Storage
  • File Storage

Click2Cloud-Types of Storage in Clouds Brain

Fig 1: Types of Storage in Clouds Brain

Object Storage

Object storage helps in storing large amount of unstructured data in highly scalable distinct unit. Object storage is also referred to as object-based storage. It is a preferred method for data backup and archiving. With object storage, you can also perform operations such as create bucket, delete bucket, upload object, delete object, and download object for various providers like AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, OTC, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and CEPH.

With Clouds Brain Storage studio, you can create, manage, migrate, and monitor object within the bucket. Object storage feature two types of lifecycle rules i.e. In-Cloud and Cross-Cloud. In-Cloud only support same cloud storage transition. Cross-Cloud supports different cloud storage transitions. It also shows egress cost of source smart bucket. Features and benefits of object storage makes it a viable storage alternative for large organizations that deals with unstructured data.

Block Storage

Block storage divides the data into blocks and stores these blocks as separate pieces of data. Clouds Brain block storage feature supports block storage that stores data in the form of blocks with unique identifiers. Data stored in blocks is of fixed size. Block storage offers services like Volume lifecycle management and Snapshots backup.

Clouds Brain block storage allows you to connect with its on-prem devices to manage all resources. It shows you snapshot count and registered device symbol along with its status. Ceph, LVM, Huawei, Dorado, Huawei-Ocean Store, NetApp-Ontap, HPE-Nimble, and Fujitsu are the block storage drivers supported by Clouds Brain.

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of File Modification
  • Operating System Bootability
  • High Speed and Low Latency

Cold Storage

Cold storage refers to the storage of inactive data that is accessed or used rarely. Data that ages is used or accessed frequently takes up the majority of primary storage. In order to keep primary storage from getting overloaded, organizations have the alternative of storing rarely accessed data in cold storage. Moving the data to cold storage aids the organization in reducing the cost of primary storage. Cold data is often stored on servers that use traditional hard drives.

Clouds Brain cold data storage feature is optimized for low hardware cost and high storage density. Clouds Brain with its multiple functionalities provides enterprise a seamless and fully automated cold storage solution. Cold data is often used rarely, but it has various practical use cases like archiving data for regulatory purposes, magnetic tape replacement, restore for disaster recovery scenarios, and digital media asset archival and backup. In cold data storage, data retrieval and response time is significantly much slower than devices designed for storage of active data.

  • Prevent Primary Storage from becoming overloaded
  • Reduce Overall Storage cost
  • Simplify Storage
  • Meet Compliance and Governance

File Storage

File Storage

File storage is the method of storing data on the cloud to provide access to data to servers and applications. File storage on the cloud allows multiple users to gain access to a common set of files in the cloud. It is a hierarchical storage system to provide shared access to users who can create, delete, modify, read, write, and organize them logically in directory trees. It is extremely useful for sharing the content across multiple servers.

With Clouds Brain file storage, users can upload files in one file share and share this file to all the employees of the organization. Clouds Brain uses NFS i.e. Network File Storage for storing files on the cloud. An organization can create file share from appropriate storage (from cloud or on-prem storage), and then the same file share can be mounted on virtual machines. All users can access these files by giving proper Access Control List’s (ACL) permissions.


Clouds Brain is a multi-cloud management platform that helps users to manage operations, and offers multiple cloud storage features for secure storage. It enables the organization to reliably migrate and store data on multiple cloud environments from one platform. Clouds Brain provides the organization a multi-storage platform for object storage, cold storage, block storage, and file storage respectively. Clouds Brain storage module is a one stop solution for organizations that require reliable storage. 

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