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04-Mar, 2021
click2cloud blogs- Use File Storage via Clouds Brain

Clouds Brain File Storage stores data of multi-cloud that provides servers and applications access to data through shared file systems. File storage in Clouds Brain comes under the storage module.
It is a file-level or file-based storage that is a hierarchical storage methodology used to organize and store data on a computer hard drive or network-attached storage systems.

File storage- where data is stored in a hierarchical structure. Then these data are saved in files and folders, and the folders are organized in directories and subdirectories. To locate a file, the only thing required is the path of the system i.e., from directory to subdirectory to folder to file. The data can be accessed using the Network File System (NFS) protocol for Unix or Linux, or the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for Microsoft Windows.


Let me illustrate an example here:

If a customer is using Clouds Brain and want  to upload some documents, they can upload it in one file share and can share this file to all of their employees. In this case, an employee or manager does not require to share data individually. Instead, multiple users can access the uploaded documents from one location.
Below mentioned is a diagram of the file share. 


Clouds Brain File Storage-Click2Cloud

Fig: File Share


The above diagram shows how a file can be shared and stored. Clouds Brain uses NFS (Network File Storage) for data storing in files. 
A client can use the file storage feature of Clouds brain, where an organization can create a file share from the appropriate storage (i.e., from the cloud or on-premises storage), and then this file share can be mounted to the VM’s and other users by giving proper ACL’s permissions. 

Benefits of using file storage via Clouds Brain:

  1. Accessible to multiple servers/user
  2. Simultaneous read / write
  3. Rigid File System (Ext 3, FAT)
  4. Less Expensive compared to Block storages
  5. Auto-scaled
  6. High latency (Slow as compared to block storages)
  7. Storages are fully managed by the cloud
  8. Security (Encryption at rest and transit)


Clouds Brain file storage supports large content repositories, development environments, media stores, and user home directories workloads. It benefits in data backup, persistent shared access to data that all containers in a cluster can use.


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