Virtual-to-Virtual Migration Using Click2Cloud’s Multi-cloud Management Platform- The Clouds Brain

04-Nov, 2019
click2cloud blogs- Virtual-to-Virtual Migration Using Click2Cloud’s Multi-cloud Management Platform- The Clouds Brain

Click2Cloud migration is a managed service offering which provide the solutions for various cloud migration need that includes; database migration, application migration, file migration and virtual machine/bare metal migration. Click2Cloud migration studio works seamlessly with all the leading cloud providers and associated services.

It provides you with cloud to cloud, virtual to cloud, storage to cloud, database to cloud, physical to cloud, virtual to virtual and infra migration scenarios.

Here, in this article we will see virtual to virtual migration and its approaches.

What is virtual to virtual migration?

A virtual machine is an independent server module (operating system + application) that generally run in independent servers. But with server virtualization, it is possible to run multiple virtual machines in a single (high capacity) server. In this process, each virtual machine is running on its own server with dedicated resources.

Virtual to virtual migration is the process of moving virtual machines or other business elements from VMware to HyperV and vice versa.

Why virtual to virtual migration?

Business needs to move to virtual platform to become agile, competitive, reduced server footprint, improved performance and flexible. But at the same time this needs to be done without risking business disruption, security, compilance and performance.

70% of companies already migrating their workload to virtualization. As per the current survey 83% of enterprise workloads will be virtualized by 2020.

Virtual to virtual migration approach:

Regardless of cloud providers or destination virtual machines, size and level of complexity of source infrastructure, Click2Cloud help you in virtualization VMs migration. Our standard procedures, automation tools can help users to reduce the cost, improve consistency, efficiency and ensure user security-rich and complaint across their business. With over 100,000 migrations completed, Click2Cloud can help users successfully migrate their virtual machines.

Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain platform allows you to migrate your virtual machines from VMware as a  virtualization platform to HyperV as a destination virtualization platform and vice versa.

Currently we are supporting following virtualization platforms for virtual to virtual migration.

  • VMware
  • HyperV

Virtual to Virtual migration process-click2cloud

Fig: Virtual to Virtual migration process

Silent points user need to know while virtual to virtual migration:

  • It is important to have sufficient network backbone capacity (bandwidth) in order to move the virtual machines quickly.
  • Even during the process of migration, it is possible to maintain network connection and application state, thereby providing continuous up-time to the users.
  • Even when the user is not physically present, it is possible to schedule migrations to happen at certain times automatically.


  • Allows multiple VMs to be migrated at a same time.
  • Logs of the migration processes are maintained so that it can be accessed later on whenever required.
  • A tightly integrated solution CMP (cloud management platform).
  • Improvement in migration process, no manual errors due to automation.
  • Can run parallel migrations to reducing the time and cost.
  • Can schedule a migration as per requirements.


In this article, we have seen virtual to virtual migration where one can move virtual machines from source to destination. Virtual to virtual migration approach helps to make the business agile, flexible, secure, scalable and so on. With the increase in popularity of cloud computing systems, virtual migration across data centers and resource pools will be greatly beneficial to data centers administrators.



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