Importance of the Click2Cloud linux cloud extension for developers and enterprises

07-Oct, 2016
click2cloud blogs- Importance of the Click2Cloud linux cloud extension for developers and enterprises

What is the new Click2cloud extension?
The benefits of cloud extensions for developers are massive from providing a more agile system, to automatic integration and continuous delivery and coding. Linux Cloud Tool for Visual Studio with Docker tooling allows users to unite, manage containers and images from visual studio 2015 IDE to Linux cloud systems. Click2Cloud provides easy to use Red Hat at OpenShift tools that can be used on Visual Studio making it easier for users to contrast, manage and deploy applications speedily and reliably.

Can Microsoft and Red Hat be integrated?
Click2Cloud is a Cloud extension provider that integrates the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes offered by OpenShift. We provide both Microsoft and Red Hat hence you no longer need to choose between the two. If you want your company to thrive in a truly heterogeneous platform where both the cloud tools work in perfect harmony in OpenShift, then our Linux Cloud tool is the perfect solution for you. Many companies invest in both OpenShift and Visual Studio and often face difficulties integrating from one to another. We provide a unique platform where these complexities are solved and you can focus on more important aspects of your company. In order to achieve higher productivity, greater velocity, and a flawless DevOps experience, our Visual Studio extension can become that godsend you are looking for.

Are Docker container and Kubernetes empowered .Net applications needed?
In addition, many companies have countless windows applications and need to deliver them to agile containers. This is normally a problem for many people especially enterprises, however, with our cloud extension, you can utilize our custom templates that not only have Docker image of .NET but integrates them with other platforms like MySQL and MongoDB to create seamless containerized applications. This will provide you enhanced agility, lower your financial burden, greatly simplify your managing processes and give you a boost in flexibility.

What are the Software Pre-requisites?
Click2cloud’s Red Hat OpenShift 3 tool for Visual Studio requires you to install the Visual studio 2015 community, Visual Studio 2015 professional or Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. You will also require a Git for windows and Docker command line tool 1.10.X and above. In edition OpenShift 3 Binaries for windows will also be required. There is also an available YouTube video that explains the ease with which developers can construct applications of Openshift 2 using cloud extension for Visual Studio.

Once installed, you can launch the Click2Cloud Extension from the menus of Visual Studio Console.

menus of Visual Studio Console-Click2Cloud

What are the features of the Click2Cloud extension?
There are many cool features of the Linux cloud tool, from supporting easy login to OpenShift 3 using OAuth and basic protocol.

OpenShift 3 using OAuth and basic protocol-Click2Cloud

If you need custom templates, those are available as well. You can view or retrieve webhook URL for your novel applications and well as see Pod and build logs from the OpenShift platform.

OpenShift platform-Click2Cloud


There are many other Docker tooling features as well such as viewing connections, images and containers in a treeview, supporting connection to local or distant Docker daemon, manage your account and much more.

Docker tooling features-Click2Cloud

With so many features and enhanced benefits, Linux cloud tool for Visual Studio with Docker tool is a must extension for developers and major enterprises. Contact us now at:


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