Launching of Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain for Alibaba Cloud At Apsara Conference 2019!

30-Sep, 2019
click2cloud blogs- Launching of Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain for Alibaba Cloud At Apsara Conference 2019!

Click2Cloud family is delighted to share the release notes about Click2Cloud’s multi-cloud management platform for Alibaba cloud. Clouds Brain offers a unified platform for Alibaba cloud which provides vital technology infrastructure services to help users build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Click2Cloud has created a level playing field and choices for Alibaba enterprise users and end customers using a simplified multi-cloud management platform. Now, users can perform migration and save money on Alibaba Cloud. Users can also use billing, charge-back, and Cloud Comparison analytics features.

This platform also helps users to control their cloud spends by optimizing the utilization patterns of their cloud services in order to identify excess or shortcomings in service allotments so that they can right-size their infrastructure based on their performance target.

Click2Cloud is excited to introduce you all with its great announcement at Alibaba cloud, Apsara conference 2019!

Jeff Zhang, CTO at Alibaba announced Hanguang 800-new #AI chip that spends up machine learning tasks on its platforms by 12 times the previous rate.

Also, Simon Hu, President of Ant financial spoke about the future driven by block-chain #Antfinancial solutions for the digital economy. Discussed the community banking and cloud combinations for farmers and microfinance system.

Clouds Brain platform provides with ease use and adding of cloud provider account which helps boost business revenue, business applications, workloads, critical databases, servers, applications, VMs, load balancers to your cloud infrastructure.

Clouds Brain offers a unified level for a multi-cloud management platform and has created a level playing choice for its customers.

It has amazing features like migration, cost compare, compute, billing, orchestration, monitoring, containerization, customer advisory platform, CMAAS, and so forth.

Features of Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain:

Clouds Brain offers a unified level for multi-cloud management platform and has created a level playing choice for its customers. It offers users with amazing features like CMAAS, CAP, Cost Compare, Migration, Billing and so forth.

  • Click2Cloud Migration as a Service, CMAAS is a migration assessment platform. It helps users to smoothly migrate their virtual machines, databases and other applications from source to destination cloud.
  • Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain CAP feature will help existing as well as potential consumers who wish to migrate their data to any cloud. This platform provides the customer advisory platform with market research, assessment, cost estimates, migration plan and support which helps any company to grow their business by analyzing the market research and growth.
  • Click2Cloud Clouds Brain cloud compare feature will help users to identify the overall compute, storage and networking estimated cost from various different cloud providers. With the help of comparison report user can see the total services, APIs provided for interfaces by different cloud providers.
  • Migrate workloads from different platforms like on-premise, private or public clouds in real-time and without stopping production. The solution provides consistent replication from any source to any target platform. Click2Cloud Clouds Brain offers users with cloud, virtual, database, storage, physical to cloud, virtual to virtual and infra migration scenarios.
  • Clouds Brain topology will provide users with the graphical representation of all the VMs, which specifies the easy understanding of availability zones, tenants.
  • Most customers had hard times to understand the billing. Click2Cloud’s cost manager provides rich cost visualization to understand the cost and billing in a better way. Billing helps customers to know about the cost of compute, network and storage for multiple cloud accounts.
  • Customers often wants to keep the systematic review of their data usage, hence Click2Cloud Clouds Brain offers its customers with its great monitoring feature where user can keep the record of overall CPU usage, total network usage, memory usage.
  • User can containerize source code in few hassle-free steps which helps to reduce the deployment efforts, it is user-friendly, this feature of cloud brain supports 50+ builder images.
  • If you face a problem of security, then Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain orchestration feature helps you to manage your resources like ECS, security group, VPC and switch.

Why to Choose Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain?

  1. This can save total cost of ownership over 62% a year by moving your infrastructure. Click2Cloud Clouds Brain is the cloud management platform, where consumer can manage our multiple cloud accounts under one single platform. It allows centralized management of various virtualization, private cloud, public cloud, containers and software defined technologies also, allows helps in comparison between different cloud providers.
  2. It provides you with cost savings and productivity enhancement from cloud migration where it saves software cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, infrastructure cost.
  3. Click2Cloud cloud management platform has more efficient IT staff operations, downtime, applications delivery and so forth.
  4. This platform provides with data centers, database, storage, multiple cloud providers, network and container.







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