Microsoft Dynamics 365 Assessment with Cloud Intel

10-Oct, 2023
click2cloud blogs- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Assessment with Cloud Intel

A constant switch between multiple documents and applications often results in errors, decreased efficiency, and reduced productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a key innovation that has made a tremendous impact on the industry. It addresses the above challenges by offering a comprehensive suite of productivity applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables seamless and efficient app navigation with easy integration of Outlook, Power BI, and SharePoint. It combines CRM and ERP capabilities; hence, organizations can effortlessly streamline the way they communicate both internally and with customers. New applications such as D365 Sales and AI-powered Viva Sales enable salespeople to build strong relationships with their customers and help automatically capture data in CRM from Outlook and Microsoft Teams, which saves time, respectively.

D 365’s integration with Microsoft Power Platforms (Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI) helps you automate processes, construct solutions, and analyse data. This brings digital intelligence to all business processes, which empowers you to enhance your business operations, boost productivity, deliver a range of valuable benefits, and transform digitally as you want for your company.

If you intend to learn more about your customers, streamline your sales process, and improve company-wide efficiency, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right solution for you.

However, adding this innovative solution to existing infrastructure can be tricky. An AI-based assessment platform, Cloud Intel, can provide the assessment solution you need to adopt Dynamics 365 without a hitch.

Get the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 With Cloud Intel

Cloud Intel offers a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Assessment. This includes a thorough evaluation of your current environment and the identification of pain points and issues within your existing systems. We provide a comprehensive understanding of how Dynamics 365 can streamline your operations and enhance efficiency. Helps across various project requirements, encompassing solution road maps, proof-of-concept, and version upgrades.

As part of our BVA, we provide cost analysis, including estimated costs for configuration and setup, training, and data conversion. You will receive assistance on licensing for Dynamics 365, guidance to maximize the utilization of Dynamics 365, and insights on necessary changes to your current setup (including configuration, timeline, security, and policies) for seamless integration. By quantifying your objectives, we identify potential solutions to select the best fit and provide a migration strategy/roadmap and implementation plan. The assessment results will furnish you with valuable insights and AI-based recommendations for optimizing your business processes. Our BVA enables you to drive digital transformation and innovation with a suite of AI-driven business applications.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a game-changing solution for businesses looking to improve productivity, streamline operations, and enhance customer relationships. Its seamless integration with key Microsoft applications and comprehensive CRM and ERP capabilities makes it a powerful tool that delivers superior operation efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences, enabling businesses to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs. Start your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Assessment today with Cloud Intel and unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 to thrive in the digital era.

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