Microsoft Viva Assessment with Cloud Intel

07-Sep, 2023
click2cloud blogs- Microsoft Viva Assessment with Cloud Intel

Many companies are leaning into hybrid work, prompting a need for enhanced efficiency in both organizations and employees. To thrive in today’s work environment, innovation is the key, and Viva, the employee experience platform, is the pathway to success. Microsoft Viva is built for hybrid work, which supports people and teams by helping organizations deliver more connection, insights, purpose, and growth.

Viva seamlessly integrates people, security, and privacy into a cohesive modern experience. Organizations can use it for a variety of purposes, including hiring processes like onboarding, training, and facilitating connections among employees.

Microsoft Viva’s Key Modules:

  • Connection: To amplify culture and communication
  • Insights: To balance productivity and well-being
  • Learning: To accelerate skill development and growth
  • Topics: To harness knowledge and expertise

Key Benefits of Microsoft Viva:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Provides a seamless end-user experience, enabling quick access to resources and boosting efficiency.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: Simplifies employee onboarding for faster hiring processes.
  • Lower Attrition: Improvements in employee well-being, productivity, and overall company performance lead to reduced attrition.
  • Heightened Agility: Time-saving features and accelerated business operations foster greater organizational agility.

What makes Viva stand out is its exceptional customization and extensibility. It can be accessed from any work location and supports numerous partner integrations, allowing access to industry-leading applications within the natural workflow. However, to succeed with Viva, a well-planned strategy and adoption plan are crucial. And here, Cloud Intel, an AI-based assessment platform, enters as a game changer.

Let’s Delve into How Cloud Intel Helps Create a Holistic Employee Experience

Cloud Intel facilitates a Microsoft Viva Assessment that evaluates your M365 usage, configuration, licensing, and readiness for Viva deployment. 

It collects information on critical business scenarios and helps prioritize them for Microsoft Viva alignment. Provides a roadmap and adoption framework and offers guidance on leveraging its features. It conducts a comprehensive business value analysis, including security benefits, productivity improvements, business process automation, benefit analysis, and financial analysis (ROI/TCO, Capex to Opex), which enables you to make informed decisions.

With Cloud Intel, fostering a culture that empowers people and teams to excel from any location using Viva becomes easy and efficient. 


Continuous enhancement of employee engagement and business performance is achievable with next-generation AI. Microsoft Viva consolidates the essential tools and applications for communication, analytics, goal setting, and learning into one unified solution. Cloud Intel assists in preparing for and maximizing the benefits of Microsoft Viva, ensuring that individuals and teams are empowered to excel regardless of their location.

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