Migrating On-Premise/Cloud Data to Alibaba Cloud using Click2Cloud Migration Tool

04-Jan, 2018
click2cloud blogs- Migrating On-Premise/Cloud Data to Alibaba Cloud using Click2Cloud Migration Tool

Click2Cloud Migration Tool helps user to migrate local Virtual Machine to any cloud they wish to migrate there stuff too. Click2Cloud Migration Tool involves moving data or other elements between cloud environments, which is known as cloud-to-cloud migration.

Click2Cloud Migration Tool

What Is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements from an organization’s onsite computers to the cloud, or moving them from one cloud environment to another.

Cloud migration sometimes involves moving data or other business elements between cloud environments, which is known as cloud-to-cloud migration. The process of transitioning to a different cloud provider is known as cloud service migration. In any case, successful migration to a service provider’s environment may require the use of middle-ware, such as a cloud integration tool, to bridge any gaps between the vendor’s and the customer’s (or other vendor’s) technologies.


Features of Click2Cloud Migration Tool:

Features of Click2Cloud Migration Too

Automated Migration Process:

Click2Cloud Migration Tool automatedly migrate a virtual machine from local environment to cloud. The tool supports various automation tools required for post development such as:

  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Saltstack
  • Terraform

Menu Driven Features:

Click2Cloud Migration Tool provides a user interface which helps user to access the action items through its menu availability.

Enhanced Security Features:

Click2Cloud Migration Tool take care of some of the tougher security issues, such as keeping unwanted traffic outside a specific scope from accessing the machines on which your data and apps reside and ensuring automatic security updates are applied to their systems to keep from being vulnerable to the latest known security threats. Keeping in mind, though, that you will still need to have security policies in place on your end, such as keeping mobile devices secure, making sure employees don’t divulge passwords or other sensitive information to unauthorized parties, and so on.

Less Infrastructure Complexity:

Click2Cloud Migration Tool tend to peel away the complexity of the infrastructure that underlies the architecture being used to provision new machines and make them all work together to provide the needed services. Instead, you are able to fill out some information on what is needed and launch the necessary services. This can save quite a bit of time, as those complexities are no longer a part of your process.

Built-in Status Monitoring

Click2Cloud Migration Tool can provide monitoring so that you can be notified when an app or machine has potential issues or is experiencing an outage. This, of course, can save you quite a bit of time as opposed to keeping track of the state of your services on your own.

Benefits of Click2Cloud Migration Tool:

Benefits of Click2Cloud Migration Tool


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