OpenShift Azure DevOps plugin for Visual Studio 2012+

10-May, 2016
click2cloud blogs- OpenShift Azure DevOps plugin for Visual Studio 2012+

OpenShift 2 Dev-Ops plugin for Visual Studio 2012+

In this blog post, we would like to introduce our Visual Studio 2012+ DevOps plugin. Click2Cloud’s Visual Studio 2012+ Extension, allows the developers to create .NET application in Visual Studio 2012+ IDE and deploy it to Red Hat OpenShift 2 cloud. User can use this .NET 4.5/4.6 cartridge to create .NET based application with MS SQL 2008/2012 or 2014 cartridges and deploy it to Red Hat for OpenShift 2 directly from the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

Brief Description

Click2Cloud Inc. have been working with Red Hat OpenShift right from OpenShift 2, where the architecture was based on; Windows Node, Linux Node and Broker Node to OpenShift 3 where it is based on Docker Container and Kubernetes.

Click2Cloud Inc. as a Red Hat ISV and Connect Partner, and Microsoft Gold Partner have made significant achievements in bridging two technology motherships. Click2Cloud Inc. enabled .NET application development in Red Hat OpenShift PaaS for both; OpenShift 2 and OpenShift 3.

For OpenShift 2, Click2Cloud have developed various one-of-its-kinds products which includes;

Also, for OpenShift 3, Click2Cloud Inc. have developed;

All the details to download the; Visual Studio 2012+ DevOps plugin, Windows Node Installer, .NET 4.6 Cartridges, Visual Studio 2012+ plugin and help documents have been mentioned in the following sections.

Prerequisites / Documentation

To use this Visual Studio 2012+ DevOps plugin, you will need the OpenShift 2 environment with Windows Node. Setup your OpenShift 2 Environment consisting of; Linux Broker, Linux Node and Windows Node. Once the environment is up, you can use this plugin alogn with other cartridges to create and deply .NET based application to Red Hat environment.


Windows Node Auto Installer Script, to install the Linux Broker, Linux Node and Windows Node:

Visual Studio 2012+ Tool User Guide, to help you understand its features, capabilities, procedure on how to make use off-it:

Visual Studio 2012+ Tool Sample Application Deployment Guide, to help you understand on how to create your first .NET Application using the Visual Studio 2012+ Tool and .NET 4.6 Cartridge and deploy it to Red Hat OpenShift 2 cloud:


You can also watch Click2Cloud’s OpenShift 2 videos available on YouTube to see how easy it is to develop and
deploy .NET application on Red Hat OpenShift 2 environment using Click2Cloud’s Visual Studio 2012+Tool and .NET 4.6 cartridge.

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