.NET Legacy App Modernization

13-Jan, 2020
click2cloud blogs- .NET Legacy App Modernization

Click2Cloud OpenShift Toolkit is an application platform that allows users to build, test, deploy, and run their applications with automatic scaling. It provides a fully-fledged environment for development projects and aligns with the standard workflows. Click2Cloud OpenShift is developed mainly for .NET Developers to support an application lifecycle and seamless deployment in Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Click2Cloud’s OpenShift deployment of .NET legacy IT modernization app provides a platform where developers need not re-build, re-code, re-write, re-factor or re-host. It provides a builder image which helps in reducing the efforts and brings it to encapsulation and rebuild only. With Click2Cloud’s .NET legacy app modernization C2C builder image, one can easily deploy the code from any of the repositories be it GIT, TFS, IDE, or any other to OpenShift in a very simple and easy way. Click Here for Demo Video

It also saves windows licensing costs. Click2Cloud’s OpenShift .NET Development Tool Kit has a Dev-Ops Extension; Visual Studio 2012 + Dev-Ops Extension. This extension allows users to connect to their OpenShift environment from their Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and helps them to create, manage, and deploy the .NET application to OpenShift cloud. It provides users with cloud-native support. Also, it saves the CapEx and OpEx by moving to OpenShift. RedHat OpenShift legacy app supports heterogeneous technologies like .NET, Java, FoxPro, etc. This approach is one of the fastest ways to modernize .NET legacy apps to RedHat OpenShift. Modernization of applications has resulted in better code, well-managed databases, and platforms that reduce the time and cost of projects and improve business.

User can manage their legacy IT modernization application which helps them in their improved business, decreased cost, aligned business and IT, improved compliance, easy maintenance, reduced complexity, and dependency. Developers don’t need to leave their IDE, which saves substantial time and energy. Also, the code can be stored on the local machine and debugged before publishing to the staging and production environment which is helpful for developers. With this OpenShift.NET Development Tool Kit, Enterprise can create their own OpenShift Cloud within their premise and also on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and all the other IaaS platforms. The OpenShift.NET Development Tool Kit comes with various cartridges for OpenShift and plugin. The cartridges provide the run-time environment to build and run the applications.


Fig: Process Flow of .NET legacy using Click2Cloud Builder Image to OpenShift

Key Features

.NET Legacy App Modernization Key Features

Click2Cloud’s .NET legacy IT Modernization App provides Key features as:

  1. CI/CD implementation and one-time re-build only:

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery makes sure that the code is developed by multiple developers that are always integrated and delivered with a one-time rebuild only.

  1. Increases productivity and saves time:

C2C builder image and IDE plugins help in reducing the re-code and re-write work thus increases productivity and saves time.

  1. Cloud-native support:

Cloud relative functionalities make the development easier and less complex.

  1. End to end managed service:

.NET legacy helps to manage the services from end to end perspective.

  1. No code re-writing:

The code can be stored on the local machine and debugged before publishing to the staging and production environment which is helpful for developers.

  1. Saves windows licensing costs:

C2C .NET legacy app modernization helps in reducing the windows licensing costs and saves money.

  1. Heterogeneous technology support:

C2C .NET legacy app supports multiple technologies like .NET, Java, FoxPro, etc.

  1. Driving OpenShift deployment:

Containerization and serverless make OpenShift deployment easy.

  1. The fastest way to modernize the .NET legacy App to RedHat OpenShift:

C2C .NET legacy makes modernization to RedHat OpenShift faster.

  1. Quick Deal Closure/ Cost Saving:

Various options together with serverless, managed resources, auto-scaling, windows licensing cost.

Use Cases:

  1. Legacy Java Application Modernization
  2. Legacy FoxPro Application Modernization


.NET Legacy App


Click2Cloud’s .NET legacyApp Modernization helps developers in time savings and hectic code re-writing whereas saves the cost as well. An Opensource GIT repository makes it even better for the users to use it in an easier way.

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