Cloud Gateway

2020-02-04 : BY CLICK2CLOUD-BLOG

A gateway is a network point that works as an access to another network. A gateway device provides communication to a remote network or an autonomous system that is out of bounds for the host network nodes. Gateways serve as the entry and exit point of a network; all data routed inward or outward must first pass through and communicate with the gateway in order to use routing paths. Cloud gateway is the gateway between the different cloud providers and the end-users who is going to use different cloud computing services.

Cloud gateway establishes the connection between the end-user and cloud. By using cloud gateway business units can use different cloud services like migration, cloud compare, monitoring, billing, automation, etc. With Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain cloud gateway works efficiently. Fig. 1 shows how cloud gateway is working as the part of CloudsBrain. To understand how cloud gateway helps the business units to get connected with cloud providers with the help of cloud refer to fig. 1.

It describes the function of a cloud gateway. Different cloud providers have been shown in it such as AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba, Huawei, etc. Cloud providers are connected with different business units/users with the help of CloudsBrain. CloudsBrain is the product of Click2Cloud. CloudsBrain has many features like Migration, Monitoring, Cloud Intel, Cloud Compare, Chargeback & Audit, Optimization, etc.

By using these features of CloudsBrain users can access different cloud services. For example, if business units or users want to select cloud then the CloudsBrain is having the feature of cloud compare. Cloud compare feature will compare the clouds with their values and other related parameter and will suggest the appropriate cloud for the business unit. For this complete process initially, all clouds will get added and connected with users, this connectivity between the cloud providers and the user is taken care of by cloud gateway.

The monitoring feature will monitor the cloud computing and cloud migration-related process. Next important parameter of CloudsBrain is migration, different types of cloud migration is possible with CloudsBrain like Click2Cloud, virtual cloud, etc. Cloud gateway is part of the CloudsBrain. Same for other features like cloud Intel, monitoring, automation, optimization, chargeback & audit, migration, storage, consumption, etc.

With a cloud gateway, users will be able to use cloud services efficiently with the help of CloudsBrain features. Cloud gateway is the bridge between the cloud providers and business units. This cloud gateway mainly consists of routers, servers, another device that enables traffic to flow in and out of the network, some hardware. Cloud gateway provides identity-based provisioning and control for all apps, data, and devices. Cloud gateways consist of many cloud computing features which will provide an easy way to use cloud services in an effective and efficient manner.

Cloud gateway enables secure access to clouds and cloud resources, offers optimal tool-set for your cloud migration needs. It accelerates resource provisioning, provides tools for tracking usage and costs, optimizes cloud usage, offers automation using custom-built templates, and compare different services across leading cloud providers. So, one can accelerate their business models with confidence.