What’s New in CloudsBrain to Migrate your Workload from AWS to Alibaba Cloud

2020-08-25 : BY CLICK2CLOUD-BLOG


CloudsBrain helps you to migrate on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud workloads like servers, applications, and databases to the Alibaba cloud. This article summarizes new releases and features as part of this release.

CloudBrain provides a user interface which helps in the migration process with few easy steps, backed by a team of experts who can help you in understating the application and provide solutions tailored for your organization.

Benefits of Migrating your Workload from AWS to Alibaba Cloud:

Simplified Operations

  • CloudsBrain provides you with a platform where you can compare two different cloud platforms; like AWS and Alibaba in this case and then proceed with the Migration.
  • CloudsBrain provides assessments for migrating on-premises VMware VMs to Alibaba VMware solution.
  • Support for multiple credentials on the appliance for physical server discovery.
  • Orchestration and automation to accelerate your workload.

Cost Savings

  • The high cost of buying and maintaining an infrastructure can be reduced.
  • Organizations can move from a Capex model to an Opex model and save on costs. CloudsBrain helps in analyzing your current workloads, right-sizing it, and thus suggests appropriate instances on the cloud.
  • Offers freedom from lock-in to any specific hypervisor, cloud vendor, or hardware thus helping the organization decide on the cost model.

Minimal Downtime

  • CloudsBrain implements the hot migration feature thus enabling organizations to be operational and active during migrations.


  • The scale-up and scale-down features of the cloud enables organizations in keeping pace with the customer needs and provide features at a fast pace.

CloudsBrain Migration Strategy from AWS to Alibaba Cloud:

Fig: Migration strategy from AWS to Alibaba cloud

The figure is an architecture of the CloudsBrain migration strategy from AWS to Alibaba cloud. A brief of the architecture is as follows:

  • Agents on Source EC2 VMs: This is needed to install for data replication.
  • User’s workstation: It is a Click2Cloud workbench where all business logic is written using Cloud SDKs and automation tools. User workstation includes:
  • C2C Migration Tool: Helps end-users to migrate the VMs/ECS instances from AWS to Alibaba cloud.
  • C2C automation Tool: This tool is used to perform advanced-level tasks like instance provisioning using cloud SDKs.
  • Image service on Destination Cloud: Here in the image repository user will get an image of a source cloud VMs.
  • ECS Instances: Users can create multiple ECS instances using image service of destination cloud.

CloudsBrain Modernize Workflow:

Fig: Modernize workflow from AWS to Alibaba through CloudsBrain

CloudsBrain provides users with easy and adaptable steps to perform the migration.

The first step towards a successful data migration process is the evaluation of the basic needs of the business as well as its future capacity and use.

To understand it lets take an example:

Say you have virtual machines running on AWS and you would like to calculate how much this infrastructure would cost in Alibaba. Doing this by accessing the server by server review could take time.

We provide you with the tool that analyses your infrastructure and shows you in a matter of minutes how much money you can save by migrating from AWS to Alibaba cloud using CloudsBrain.

The workflow of migrating your workloads from AWS to Alibaba cloud using CloudsBrain is a simple procedure to follow. AWS as a source cloud migrates its VMs through CloudsBrain that either contains a workload in a public cloud or private clouds. For a private cloud platform, it uses optimized workloads. And for the public cloud, it uses PaaS and IaaS workloads for migrating to the destination Alibaba cloud.

CloudsBrain Migration Flow:

Fig: Flow of AWS to Alibaba Cloud migration through CloudsBrain

The figure shows a migration flow from AWS to Alibaba cloud using CloudBrain. The source is AWS and the destination is Alibaba cloud. Users can perform migration in two ways. Immediate or scheduled migration. Before performing the migration selecting a VM is a mandatory step.

For migrating from AWS to Alibaba cloud, select AWS as a source cloud. After selecting the source cloud select its account type. Next, select Alibaba as a destination cloud. Select its account and zone. Also, the user needs to upload and map the SSH key for the selected cloud providers, after which a user needs to select VM for migration.

After selecting VMs, migration can be performed in two ways: immediate or scheduled migration. Select the Immediate slider and click on the start migration tab. To Schedule migration, click the slider to the right side, select the date and time when the user has to schedule migration. Also, users can start migration by selecting either image only or image plus instance. And this way migration can be performed through

CloudsBrain between AWS to Alibaba cloud.

Check the video link for more clarity

Begin your Migration Journey:

Migrate your Workload using CloudsBrain from AWS to Alibaba cloud

Consumer and multi-cloud vendors begin their cloud migration journey through CloudsBrain that helps them to access and manage their workloads with ease. CloudsBrain allows multi-cloud migration with different migration scenarios. Be it cloud-to-cloud, database-to-cloud, physical-to-cloud, infrastructure migration, and so forth.

Reach out to us for understanding the process and how we can help you to achieve your goal.

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