Assess and Rehost an Application and Database from Virtualization Platform to Alibaba Cloud Through Clouds Brain

08-Dec, 2020
click2cloud blogs- Assess and Rehost an Application and Database from Virtualization Platform to Alibaba Cloud Through Clouds Brain

What is Virtual Environment?
A virtual environment is an independent server module (Operating System + Application) that generally run-on independent servers. But with server virtualization, it is possible to run multiple virtual machines in a single (high capacity) server. In this process, each Virtual Machine considers that it is running on its own server (with dedicated resources).
Virtual to cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment from Virtualization Platform like (VMWare, Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM) to destination Alibaba cloud.

Alibaba Support for Various Virtual Environment:
Alibaba cloud supports various virtualization environment for easy business growth. The virtual environments provided by Alibaba cloud gives total security, storage of applications, database, and virtual machines. 

Why Click2Cloud can be of Value?
In current scenarios, enterprises are moving their workloads to cloud for more agility and flexibility, but at a same time this need to be done without risking business disruption, security, compliance and performance.
60% of companies has already migrated their workload to the cloud. As per the current survey ,83% Of Enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud by 2020. Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain migration module with virtual to cloud migration scenario is one such place that easily migrate your data, application, networks, data centre to cloud. It is one such tool that leads you cloud business to reach its successful heights.

Fig: CloudsBrain Virtual to Cloud Migration Scenario

How to use Click2Cloud CloudsBrain with Alibaba Cloud?
Regardless of destination cloud’s size and level of complexity of source infrastructure, Click2Cloud help you in Virtualization VMs migration. Our standard procedures, automation tools can help you to reduce the cost, improve consistency and efficiency, to ensure you a security-rich and compliant business. With over 100,000 successful and completed migrations, Click2Cloud would help you to migrate your workloads, data centres to the cloud.
Click2Cloud CloudsBrain platform allows you to migrate your workload from any leading Virtualization platform to Alibaba cloud.
Currently we are supporting following virtualization platforms.

  • VMWare
  • Xen Server
  • KVM
  • Hyper-V

Similarly, we also support;

  • On premise machines
  • Local VHDs (and other image formats like. raw, .qcow2, .vhdx)


Fig: Xen Server Migration 

Salient feature of  Virtual Machine Migration:

  • It is important to have sufficient network backbone capacity (bandwidth) in order to move the virtual machines from one server to another, quickly.
  • Even during the process of migration, it is possible to maintain network connection and application state, thereby providing continuous up time to the users.
  • Even when the User is not physically present, it is possible to schedule migrations at specific hour automatically.

Advantages for End User:
We’d like to share some business advantages of Virtual to Cloud Migration for Alibaba cloud, which helps you understand why you should use CloudsBrain .

  • Migrate workload across Public and Private cloud environment.
  • Allow multiple VM’s to be migrated at a same time.
  • Logs of the migration processes are maintained so that it can be accessed later on whenever required.
  • A tightly integrated solution CMP (Cloud Management Platform)
  • Improvement in migration process, No manual errors due to automation.
  • Can run parallel migrations, to reduce the time and cost.
  • Can schedule a migration as per requirement.

Contact Click2Cloud:
In this blog, we have seen virtual to cloud migration in virtual environment where one can move the data from any virtualization platform to cloud. Virtual to cloud migration helps to make the business agile, flexible, secure, scalable and many more. With the increase in popularity of cloud computing systems, virtual migrations across data centres and resource pools will be greatly beneficial to data centre administrators.
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