Migrate your workload to cloud through Lift and Shift Method

10-Feb, 2021
Migrate your workload to cloud through Lift and Shift Method

Enterprises undergoing digital transformations usually look for avenues to modernize, innovate, and adapt their application landscapes to the latest technology available on the huge public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The complex business requirements that trigger discussions on migrating workloads to the cloud are:

  • Moving attention from underlying infrastructure and platforms to application innovation.
  • Uneven availability, scalability, and agility of cloud resources as compared with on-premises deployments.
  • Alternative solutions to replace end-of-life hardware/software.
  • Need for hybrid architecture to use multiple services that are not available on-premises.
  • Effective compliance and security management.

In this article, you’ll learn about CloudsBrain and how to migrate your on-premise workload to cloud through Lift-and-Shift method.

lift and shift cloud migration is a simple and straight-forward strategy. Where you just need to analyse your resources and cloud infrastructure. It is a strategy of migrating on-prem applications directly to the cloud “as is” with little or no changes. 
It means moving all your workload and its associated data to a cloud platform—without redesigning the application. It offers great flexibility, security and authentication compared to other migration approaches like refactoring or SaaS migration and a wide range of features and services. Lift and shift are used mostly when you are migrating applications with expensive hardware requirements or security issues. Another use case is virtual machine migration into a pre-deployed public cloud account.

Cloudsbrain is a flexible cloud computing platform that helps you in migration via lift and shift method. It helps you to assess and migrate your on-premise workloads and data to cloud without any change in architecture on your on-premise infrastructure. Migrating your on-premise workloads to the cloud ensures that your organisation realises new benefits—including efficiency, agility and scalability once your workloads run on the cloud.
CloudsBrain provides a central hub of different cloud operation modules to assess, migrate, track and analyse your migration journey to the cloud. You can migrate the following types of on-premise workloads to the cloud:

  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Web applications

Advantages of lift and shift Migration

  • lift and shift approach provide the same security and authentication structure that was used on-premises.
  • In lift and shift, the application is entirely rehosted to the cloud and does not need any major application changes. As a result, organizations can avoid the overhead associated with re-architecting the migrated apps
  • Enterprises can use lift and shift approach specifically to move on-premises identity services components like Active Directory/inventories and its associated application to the cloud.

Hence, lift your on-prem workload and shift it to cloud via CloudsBrain with few steps. Click here to get your subscription.

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